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Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology, Marlboro College, Vermont, United States

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, Marlboro College, Vermont, United States


English, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian

I love building things. I like formulating a plan, implementing it, and then maintaining what I’ve created. It was the reason I loved construction work, and it’s the reason I love web design and development. 

I was an ironworker on the construction site of the DC2 building in the United Nations New York Headquarters complex when I met my wife, a UN employee working in the adjacent DC1 building, waving through the window. The United Nations grew to mean a lot to me over the next three decades as I saw the impact her work was making on the world.

I had been studying and working in web development for years when, in 2010, I embarked on my own career at the United Nations. I started as an Information Technology and Web focal point for the Division for Sustainable Development (DSD) in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) with the Small Island Developing States Unit.

In addition to my regular web duties, I helped with intern selection and management for DSD and DESA. Watching these impressive young people get the chance to work on substantive projects was great, but it is even more rewarding to run into many of them now that they are full-time United Nations employees.

In 2013, I was selected as Webmaster for the Office of the President of the General Assembly for the 68th session. It has been a challenging and demanding job but, more than anything, exciting. My days are spent attending meetings, taking and processing photographs, creating webpages, uploading documents, posting press releases, and updating the social media accounts. I have been a photographer for years but, however much experience I had, it could not have fully prepared me for this job. I’ve captured images of a bird swooping to catch a fish and of a martial artist mid-kick, but snapping a picture of someone speaking while his eyes are wide open but his mouth is not can really be tricky.

One of the most fun events I photographed was the celebrity-studded “Setting the Stage: 2015 and Beyond” concert, aimed at increasing awareness of sustainability efforts.  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon got up on stage and danced to Caribbean music with a little girl. There was such a wonderful spirit on that stage and I think captured it in those pictures. Another special day in my UN life was photographing Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President of the General Assembly John W. Ashe, and Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson engaging in a three-way handshake. It really conveyed teamwork and cooperation, which are central to the United Nations.

Additionally, I served as Chairman of the United Nations 44th Staff Council, which exists to ensure Staff Union members’ needs are met. I also take professional development classes whenever I get the chance. At this point, I think I may have taken every single class the United Nations offers. It’s important to stimulate your mind and keep up with trends, especially in an area like web development where things are constantly changing.

When I’m not at work, I am usually taking online classes for my Master’s degree or working with my friends from the martial arts world. I believe that education is everything, and having the opportunity to continue studying what I’m passionate about enables me to keep my skills sharp.

I chose to work at the United Nations because of what it represents to me. Important decisions are made here every day. It’s a rewarding feeling, being part of such a special place. I come to work each morning and leave each evening feeling proud of my contribution.

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INTERN - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT SECTION [Temporary] I-1210143 InternshipInternational Residual Mechanism for Criminal TribunalsTHE HAGUE28/05/2024
INTERN - INFORMATION SYSTEMS & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY [Temporary] I-1217183 InternshipOffice of Information and Communications TechnologyNEW YORK26/11/2023
INTERN - INFORMATION SYSTEMS & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY [Temporary] I-1214519 InternshipOffice of Administration of JusticeNEW YORK28/10/2023
Data Engineer, DPS/ITS P-3218120Information and Telecommunication TechnologyInformation Management Systems and TechnologyInternational Trade CentreGENEVA21/10/2023
Associate Computer Information Systems Officer (Training Engineer - Software Implementation, French) P-2217854Information and Telecommunication TechnologyInformation Management Systems and TechnologyUnited Nations Office at ViennaVIENNA17/10/2023
ASSISTANT GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION OFFICER NO-1216205Information and Telecommunication TechnologyInformation Management Systems and TechnologyUnited Nations Assistance Mission in AfghanistanKABUL17/10/2023

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