Job Networks
  • Management and Administration
  • Economic, Social and Development
  • Political, Peace and Humanitarian
  • Information and Telecommunication Technology
  • Legal
  • Public Information and Conference Management
  • Internal Security and Safety
  • Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain
  • Science

There are few clearly marked career paths in the United Nations. The diversity of occupations and multidisciplinary mandates means that you may not only change functions, departments but even organizations or fields of work. While such shifts require learning, time and effort, they also provide valuable experience, broader perspectives and challenging work.

Geographic mobility is yet another way for you to positively affect your career in the United Nations. Career progression to senior levels depends, in part, on evidence of mobility, including service in difficult locations.

Your career path is a reflection of your aspirations and decisions about your professional development, where you play the leading role. The Organization plays a supporting role putting effective systems in place to enhance and support your career decisions.

A few examples of staff members’ career paths can be found below. Navigate by choosing the Job Network in the drop down menu.

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