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  • Management and Administration
  • Economic, Social and Development
  • Political, Peace and Humanitarian
  • Information and Telecommunication Technology
  • Legal
  • Public Information and Conference Management
  • Internal Security and Safety
  • Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain
  • Science

The recruitment and development of well-rounded and experienced staff capable of meeting changing organizational needs is a high priority for the United Nations.

Job networks have been established to promote greater career opportunities for staff members. Each network is a flexible grouping of job families with common, related and interrelated fields of work and functions. Job families in turn are occupations and sub-occupations grouped into a common field of work. As part of a network, United Nations employees can access multidisciplinary opportunities for developing new skills, and gain exposure to the different parts of the Organization.

An eligible staff member can join one or more networks based on her or his background and career interests. For more information on each job network, navigate using the drop down menu below.

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Management and Administration Network
Job families:
  • Administration
  • Audit
  • Ethics
  • Inspection and Evaluation
  • Investigation
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Investment Management
  • Management and Analysis
  • Ombudsman
  • Procurement

Nature of the work

Jobs in the Management and Administration Network (MAGNET) focus on the management of human and financial resources, ethics, investigation and audit, management and analysis, and administrative support.

At a higher level, the work of staff engaged in this Network has an impact on the strategic direction of United Nations management practices, policies, accountability and related issues, including key decisions concerning procurement and budgets.


Business or Public administration, Finance, Accounting, Management, Economics, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Commerce, Law, or related fields.

Looking for job openings in this job network?
Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkJob FamilyDepartment/OfficeDuty stationDeadline
FINANCE AND BUDGET OFFICER P-487779Management and AdministrationFinanceDepartment of Economic and Social AffairsNEW YORK30/12/2017
PROCUREMENT OFFICER P-487480Management and AdministrationProcurementUnited Nations Office at GenevaGENEVA28/12/2017
Finance & Budget Officer [Filled from Roster] P-386656Management and AdministrationFinanceUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeNAIROBI28/12/2017
Finance Officer P-386698Management and AdministrationFinanceOffice of Programme Planning, Budget and AccountsNEW YORK23/12/2017
FINANCE AND BUDGET OFFICER P-386714Management and AdministrationFinanceUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeNAIROBI22/12/2017
CHIEF OF SECTION, PROGRAMME BUDGET P-584908Management and AdministrationFinanceUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeMONTREAL21/12/2017
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