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Verbatim Reporters

Verbatim Reporters (VRS) produce in extenso records of the meetings of the General Assembly, Security Council and other bodies entitled to such records. These are official records and are meant to answer the questions “What was said?” and “What was decided?” at official meetings. They constitute a useful tool for participants wishing to refer back to previous meetings and a permanent record of the proceedings of the United Nations.

Verbatim reporters attend certain meetings and work from digital sound recordings of meetings transmitted electronically to their work-stations. They may, to varying degrees, work from the original speech, interpretation is given at the meeting or a written translation provided by a delegations.

Combining the skills of transcription, translation and editing, verbatim reporters ensure the substantive accuracy of all statements, while maintaining a uniformly high standard of style. They correct grammatical errors, clarify the order of presentations without changing the meaning, check quotations and insert references, and check facts and details against the documentation of the body concerned and all databases available.

Language Requirements: English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. Perfect command of the language of the advertised post is required, which must be the candidate’s primary language. Excellent command of two other official United Nations languages is also required.

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