There are competitive examinations for:

  • Copy preparers/proofreaders/production editors

  • Editors

  • Interpreters

  • Translators and translators/précis-writers

  • Verbatim reporters


Terminologists facilitate the editing and translation process by researching and locating information or past publications which might help language staff produce high-quality translations. Terminologists are dedicated professionals who ensure accuracy, appropriateness and consistency of usage of terms in the United Nations.

They advise and consult other UN offices and bodies who draft, translate or edit in their respective language, and answer queries and provide guidance in terminology usage.

Their tasks encompass monitoring documentations and identifying changes, developments or linguistics inconstancies and variations in different areas of terminology such as organisational nomenclature, functional titles, administrative and budgetary matters, and various other areas.

Terminologists use various electronic tools for their trade. They investigate organizational and technological developments particularly in the field of machine-assisted translations and data bank systems for the improvement of efficiency and productivity, making suggestions as to the development of the United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database (UNTERM). They also rely on their extensive language skills to produce terminology that is clear and coherent.

The importance of UNTERM goes far beyond the conference room. It is a major source of information and is often cited by the media, quoted in statements and incorporated into legislation.

Language Requirements: Perfect command of one relevant official language of the United Nations (this is considered the candidate’s main language) and an excellent knowledge of at least two other officials language of the United Nations.

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