The information on this page is for candidates whose application to take a given LCE has already been accepted and who have been assigned an application number.

Locating your assigned test centre

You will be assigned a test centre on the basis of the information provided in the profile section of your application unless you are doing a remote LCE. Have the application number you were given in your acceptance notice ready. Select the LCE to which you have applied from the menu. The test centres for that LCE will appear in a new window below. Scroll through them to find the one you have been assigned (the application numbers of invited candidates are listed under each test centre).

Select an examination:

Should you need to change your assigned centre (for example, because you have moved to another city or country), please contact the Examinations and Tests Section at

Notices for candidates

Information on the status of examinations and changes to the timing or content of examinations are posted here.

2018 Competitive Examination for Computational Linguists, P2, P3
Applications now being accepted (see announcement on Home tab). Application period closes on 9 September 2018 (midnight New York time).
The following applicants have been invited to the written part of the examination. See list of examinees
The examination has been completed. The following successful candidate has been placed in the roster: See list of examinees
2018 LCE Russian Translators, Editors, Verbatim Reporters and Copy Preparers/Proofreaders/Production Editors P-2
Candidates invited to Part 1 of the 2018 LCE for Russian Translators, Editors, Verbatim Reporters, and Copy Preparers/Proofreaders/Production Editors are strongly encouraged to access the practice test to familiarize themselves with the online test and contact us if they have any questions or any technical issues, well in advance of taking the actual online test on 3 October 2018..

The following applicants have been invited to the part 1 of the examination:
See list of examinees

Detailed information on careers for language professionals at the UN and the content of LCEs, as well as tips for preparing for them, can be found on the UN Language Careers portal. Make sure you visit the pages in your target language as the information varies accordingly.

Last updated on 12 September 2018

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