2015 YPP Exam will take place on Tuesday 15 December 2015

examination will be offered in the following job families:

To be announced

Important Update
When to arrive for the YPP exam in New York HQ? (Posted: 11 December 2015) Question: I am invited to sit the YPP exam in New York HQ. The instructions on the UN YPP website state that examinees may need to factor in extra time for finding the exam location in the building. Current instructions inform me to go to the main entrance. The registration starts at 5:30 am. Will UN YPP post more detailed information about the directions to the exam room in the building before the exam or would you advise me to arrive at the building at 5:00 am. on the 15th of December and find my directions at the main entrance on that day?

Answer: We advise that candidates arrive between 5:30 am and 6:30 am at the UN building to allow sufficient time for verification of identity, sign-in and transfer to multiple examination rooms. All candidates, externals as well as staff members, will have to go through UN security, after that through YPP registration, and you will then be brought to your assigned room by someone from the YPP team. As a large number of candidates will take the exam in New York, there might be lines. This is why we ask you to arrive in time. The gates of the building will not open before 5:30 am, and this is when registration for the YPP examination in New York starts. After passing the UN security, all candidates (externals AND staff) have to register with the YPP team in the GA Lobby before entering examination rooms. Registration is scheduled to close at 7:30 am. Once registration is closed, late arrivals will not be admitted to the examination. The examination itself is scheduled to start at 7:30 am.

What is the UN Young Professionals Programme?

The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to start a career as an international civil servant with the United Nations Secretariat. It consists of an entrance examination and professional development programmes once successful candidates start their career with the UN.

Who can apply?

The YPP examination is held once a year and is open to nationals of countries participating in the annual recruitment exercise. The list of participating countries is published annually and varies from year to year.

Basic application criteria:

  • You must have the nationality of a participating country.
  • You must hold at least a first-level university degree relevant for the exam area you are applying for.
  • You must be 32 or younger by the end of the examination.
  • You must be fluent in either English or French.

Participating Countries

Each year, countries that are un- or under-represented in the United Nations, are invited to take part in the Young Professionals Programme. Countries taking part in the Programme this year are:

Participation of staff of the United Nations

This examination is also held for staff members of the United Nations Secretariat who work within the General Service and other related categories and aspire to a career within the Professional and higher categories. For more information about staff members participating in the young professionals programme, click here.

Exam areas

Depending on the staffing needs of the United Nations, applicants are invited to apply for different exam areas. Descriptions of responsibilities, expected competencies and education requirements differ depending on the area.

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