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Placement on the Roster
Those who are successful in the YPP examination process will be placed on a roster used to fill appropriate vacancies.

Candidates may be selected from the roster as relevant vacancies become available across the UN Secretariat.

The roster is valid and used to fill positions, for a period of three years.
It is important to understand that placement on the roster does not guarantee an offer of employment.
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Type and Level of Contract Offered
Candidates selected from the roster will be offered a two-year fixed term contract at the start of their Professional career with the UN.
After two years, and subject to satisfactory performance, they may be granted a continuing contract.

YPP placements are at either
P-1/P-2 level:
a P-1 level for candidates holding a bachelor's degree and no work experience.
P-2 level for candidates holding a bachelor's degree and two years of work experience, or a master's degree and no work experience.
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Location of First Placement
YPP-placed staff are expected to serve for a minimum of two years in that position before being considered for appointment to another position.

Positions may become available at various UN Secretariat offices, including, but not limited to:
Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Beirut, Geneva, Nairobi, New York, Santiago, Vienna.

Successful candidates must be willing to be placed in a position at any UN duty station or field operation.
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Managed Reassignment Programme
Once a year, junior professionals with a minimum of 2 years in their first function will be invited to participate in a Managed Reassignment Program (MRP).

They are invited to select other positions of interest to them so they can be reassigned to another position, normally in a different department and/or duty station.

The objective of MRP is to provide staff with new opportunities to diversify and develop their career, to acquire new skills, and to create a solid foundation for their career advancement.
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