Convocation status & Examination centres

  1. Convocation Status

    Every year the YPP attracts up to 50,000 applications. After the screening of applications, the most qualified applicants per country are convoked to sit the exam in their respective exam subjects. You may check the status of your application by typing your application number into the search window below. The status search window will be regularly updated to notify candidates of their convocation status as soon as their status has been determined. All candidates will be informed through Important Updates on once the screening process finishes.

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If you have been invited to take the written part of this year’s examination, use your application number to find out which examination centre you have been assigned to. Remember to keep checking the location regularly as there might be changes in the check-in time or exact address as late as a few weeks before the examination takes place.

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  1. Examination Centre

    What is an examination centre?

    Examination centres are venues around the world where convoked candidates can take the YPP written test. They are usually located at educational centres, governmental facilities or UN offices. A tentative list of examination centres will be provided in the job openings. Candidates are requested to indicate their preferred examination centre at the time of submitting their application. In case not enough candidates apply to one location, that exam centre will not be opened. In such cases, candidates will have to travel to their nearest examination location. It is very important that candidates look up their convocation status and the examination centre they have been assigned to using the search section above.

    What can I expect at the examination centre?


    • Finding the venue: Please note that some examination centres may be located in large buildings or complexes. It is very important that you carefully read the instructions on how to arrive to the examination venue. Depending on the layout of the examination centre, you may need to factor in additional time for finding the venue and walking to the examination room. While generally UN examination centres do not have a dress code this may vary depending on the venue. In such cases special instructions will be added to the exam centre notification and your convocation status.
    • Registration process: At the exam location you will be asked to show proof of identity, sign an attendance/signature list and place telephones and other communication devices in envelopes, which will be provided for you. The envelopes with your communications devices will be sealed and given back to you. You will need to ensure that all such devices are turned off so as not to disturb other candidates during the examination. Depending on the venue, registration may take several hours. Make sure to read the important information included with the notification stating your exam centre and your convocation status.

    Writing the exam

    • Exam supervision: Every location will have examination staff who will represent the United Nations and oversee the exam. They will not be able to answer any substance-related questions at any time. The staff will be able to deny entry to a candidate who cannot produce proof of identity and/or his nationality or has not been convoked for the exam.
    • Reading of instructions: The exam will begin with the formal reading of instructions to all candidates. A candidate sitting the exam, normally the first person on the attendance/signatures list will be invited to witness the opening of sealed envelopes containing the exams. Make sure that you listen carefully to the instructions and that you raise your hand when question booklets for your exam subject will be distributed. Once the examination has officially started, late candidates will not be allowed to enter the room. Anyone wanting to leave early will have to leave the room before the beginning of the exam. Should you wish to leave the room during the exam for a break you will be accompanied by staff at your location.
    • Duration of the exam: Candidates will be given 4 hours and 30 minutes to write the exam. You are responsible for managing your own time and may answer any part of the exam at any time. Suggested times for each question are written next to each question.
    • Food and drinks: You may bring light snacks and water to the exam but please do not bring food, which may distract others in the room. Rules regarding food may be stricter depending on the location.
    • Use of digital devices: The use of digital devices (including but not limited to cell phones/smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, notebooks, music and video players, cameras, or other telecommunication devices capable of capturing or relaying information) is strictly prohibited. Using a digital device during the examination will result in your disqualification from the YPP. Please note that digital devices will need to be turned off and placed in the sealed envelope(s), and returned to you. To avoid unnecessary delay during registration you are advised not to bring unnecessary digital devices to the exam venue.
    • End of the exam: At the end of the examination, all Questions Booklets will be collected and counted. Candidates will only be allowed to leave after all exam material has been accounted for. The sealing of the material must be witnessed by the same candidate who witnessed the opening of the exam material. Please make sure that you leave plenty of time between the official ending of the exam and scheduling your transportation home.
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