1. Written examination

    The written examination consists of two papers:

    • The General Paper, which is the same for all job families, tests your drafting abilities and/or your knowledge of international affairs; this part can be drafted in either English or French.
    • The Specialized Paper, which tests your substantive knowledge corresponding to the job family you are taking the exam in and your analytical thinking; it can be taken in any of the six UN official languages.
    • The written examination lasts a total of four and a half hours. Examinees are required to manage their own time for the different parts of the examination. Examinees’ responses are marked anonymously by a panel of markers for the General Paper and by the Specialized Board Members for the Specialized Paper. Before the exam, it will be announced which papers and/or parts of the exam will be eliminatory and only examinees successful in that part of the examination will have the other parts marked.

    If, based on the results of the written portion of the examination, you are successful, you will be invited to take part in the oral portion of the examination which consists of a competency-based interview.

    If you are not successful in the written examination, you will be so informed at the appropriate time. Please note, however, that the time of notification may vary from one job family to the next, depending on the number of examinees in each one.

    Sample examinations from past YPP examinations, as well as reading lists for each job family are available below.

    Sample Answer Booklet

  1. Oral examination

    The oral examination is conducted so that we can learn more about your combination of skills, attributes and behaviours that are directly related to your successful performance on the job. The interview will be conducted by the Specialized Board members in either English or French, the two working languages of the Secretariat.

  2. Results notification

    Based on the results of the interview, the Central Examinations Board will endorse the most qualified candidates for placement on the roster. The Central Examinations Board is composed of professional staff members who ensure that the applicable procedures are followed and that the whole process is conducted in a fair, transparent and objective manner.

    After the endorsement by the Central Examinations Board has been approved by the Office of Human Resources Management, all candidates will be informed by email of their results in the overall examination.

    The number of candidates that pass is closely linked to the positions that are projected to become available. Each year, the candidates that meet the projected vacancies plus a 10 % reserve list, which is valid for two years, are passed. Consequently, while the probability of getting a job is quite high, passing is not however a guarantee of getting a job. Job offers to successful candidates are made on an ongoing basis, but placement takes place on a quarterly basis, subject to the requirements of the Organization.

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