First, there is an online exam, often separated into two stages, with successful candidates proceeding from one stage to the next. Finally, there is the interview.
Below is an example of the examination process structure - more details are provided for convoked candidates, as the structure may vary slightly from year to year.
stage 1

This stage typically consists of multiple-choice questions, both general and specialised, and lasts approximately 2 hours .

These questions are available in either English or French.
Those successful in the first stage of the online exam will be invited to the second stage.

General Specialised
Assesses a variety of competencies/ abilities critical to working in an international organization (e.g., written communication skills, reasoning skills, UN core values and competencies).
Assesses knowledge and attributes relevant to the specific exam area
stage 2

This stage typically consists of Specialised, constructed response (open-ended) questions and lasts
approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.

These questions can be viewed in either English or French.

Certain questions must be answered in English or French, and certain questions can be answered in any one of the UN's six official languages.

Each question will have a suggested response word limit.

This stage may be proctored remotely (via webcam and monitoring software).

stage 3

Candidates successful in the online written examination will be invited to take part in the oral examination -
a competency-based video-conference interview.

More information on competency-based interviews can be found on the UN Careers Portal interview page.

Candidate performance or identity may be verified any time in the exam process.

Candidates invited to participate in the YPP exam will receive access to the UN Online Examinations & Tests System. Through this, candidates will become familiar with how to navigate in the testing platform and can review a variety of preparation material specific to their exam. This may include a suggested reading list, sample or previous questions, and other preparation tips.

All candidates will be notified of their examination results, regardless of their status. Please note that the time of notification may vary for each examination; you may wish to refer to the estimated YPP timelines to help manage expectations.

The United Nations has been made aware that for-profit companies have been selling services related to the United Nations Young Professionals Programme (YPP), including application review and preparation for the YPP examinations and interviews.

Some companies claim to provide access to UN inside information. Please be aware that the United Nations is not collaborating or partnering with any companies offering YPP-related services of any kind. Any services or programmes sold by such companies are not supported or endorsed by the United Nations.

The United Nations does not charge any fees at any stage of the YPP application, examination and evaluation process.

Information about the YPP as well as preparation materials are available publicly and free of charge on this site. Such sample materials are strictly for personal and non-commercial use and are subject to the "terms of use" of the UN website (available at ).

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