Bachelor’s Degree in English Language, Yangon University, Yangon, Myanmar


Myanmar, English

Growing up, I was destined to work in a family business owned by my parents, but I knew that was not my calling. I wanted to go out and explore the world, learn about other cultures and use my skills to support a greater cause. To achieve this, I chose to study English Language in university so I could communicate in the larger world community.

Then, I got married and moved to the United States in 2005. This provided a great opportunity to join the United Nations in New York - a childhood dream inspired by the third United Nations Secretary-General U Thant, who was from the former Burma which is now Myanmar.

In 2007, I passed the United Nations Administrative Support Assessment Test and got a job in the Information Management Section of the Department of Safety and Security. This Department is responsible for ensuring the safety of United Nations staff members across the world. We in the Unit are tasked with making sure that all United Nations communication equipment is operational around the clock.

As Information Management Assistant, I participate in all information communications technology related issues of the Department. I like this job because I get to work in a team and interact with people in several departments and locations. I provide support to both staff in my department as well as to other United Nations locations worldwide. Even on weekends, I check my email regularly, just in case a staff member on assignment in another country has an emergency and needs support.

My unit also supports all crisis communication within the department; it is a 24/7 operation. For instance, when there is a disaster anywhere in the world, and the Crisis Communication Centre of the Department is activated, I have to be part of the team to provide technical support which includes making sure that all communication devices such as satellite phones are working.

As a routine, I make sure all software applications and communication equipment such as personal computers, laptops, printers and blackberries are in good working condition. I also help staff with their email and network account problems.

My goal has always been to use my skills to make my small contribution towards a better world. United Nations staff members go to places that no one else can or is willing to go. And for me, the opportunity to be part of the team that is working to support the communication needs and ensuring the safety of those staff members who are working to support needy populations, is a source of great pride.

The last two years have also been a great learning experience for me. Everyday brings different challenges and I learn something new after solving each problem. I like to share the lessons learned with my colleagues. It is a great opportunity to acquire new skills. In the future, I would like to work for other departments and agencies.

Prior to joining the Organization, I was a General Manager at the Botanical Gardens in Myanmar. I worked with about 400 employees and played a major role in managing and maintaining the garden. Now, gardening is my hobby. I also like singing, although I do not know any tones or keys. My family members always stop me whenever I start singing. They say I should read lyrics instead of singing them.

My advice to prospective candidates is, never lose your passion and always be positive. Never give up and always allow yourself a second chance.

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