Master’s Degree in International Law, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Postgraduate Certificate, Environmental Impact Assessment, University College of Wales, United Kingdom


Dutch, English

My first job with the United Nations was as a Junior Professional Officer at the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya. After that I was an Associate Expert with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs in New York, under a bilateral agreement between the Organization and the Netherlands. After the bilateral agreement was over, I left the Organization only to realize I missed working with, and for, people from all over the world. I missed being in a melting pot filled with international action. In 2002, I returned as a Legal Officer with UNEP in Nairobi, which became my home for almost seven years until I was transferred to the UNEP Regional Office in Geneva.

I was recently assigned by UNEP to work with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. I am a part of the team working on Uzbekistan’s ‘Environmental Performance Review’, a comprehensive assessment of the country’s environmental performance in a six to nine years period. My responsibilities include writing one of the chapters examining Uzbekistan’s level of success in implementing international agreements and commitments. The best part of the project is getting to know the country – traveling, learning the language, posing questions, meeting people, and witnessing great levels of motivation in addressing national and regional environmental challenges.

The core of my work is to find legal means and an institutional structure to protect the environment. It feels great when the words and phrases that are proposed end up in documents signed by ministers or in treaties, which countries actually implement. It is truly enriching and great to work with people from everywhere in the world.

If you are considering a career at the United Nations, my advice is to explore only the positions you are interested in. Be enthusiastic and dare to be different.

I moved to Geneva less then a year ago after living in Nairobi for almost seven years – and I enjoy the bread, the cheese and the opportunity to use my bicycle again. However, I do miss Nairobi’s avocado trees and the monkeys in my Kenyan garden. After work, I love watching re-runs of West Wing and Star Trek, visiting modern art exhibitions, helping my son with school and discovering Geneva. I am really fulfilled. I always wanted to join the UN. I dreamed of doing something important for the world and the environment.


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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkJob FamilyDepartment/OfficeDuty stationDeadline
Legal Officer P-3104681LegalLegal AffairsOffice of Administration of JusticeGENEVA21/11/2018
Legal Officer - Special Assistant to the Head P-3104658LegalLegal AffairsOffice of the High Commissioner for Human RightsGENEVA10/11/2018
ASSOCIATE LEGAL OFFICER P-2105130LegalLegal AffairsInternational Residual Mechanism for Criminal TribunalsARUSHA09/11/2018
Legal Officer P-3103623LegalLegal AffairsUnited Nations Joint Staff Pension FundNEW YORK28/10/2018
LEGAL OFFICER [Temporary] P-3105263LegalLegal AffairsUnited Nations Organisation Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the CongoKINSHASA24/10/2018
LEGAL ASSISTANT [Temporary] G-5104492LegalLegal AffairsOffice of Human Resources ManagementNEW YORK18/10/2018

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