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Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems, New York University, New York, United States



When I first saw and heard a short-wave radio, I was mesmerized. How did the man or woman fit inside the tiny metal box with glowing green tubes? As a child, I was never satisfied with any answer given when I asked questions about technology. Growing up, the very vague answers to my questions about electronics were often blasé—based on beliefs that were irrational, dogmatic, and downright misleading.

I took advantage of the significant investment my secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago had made in the development of an audio-visual professional training laboratory, and began what has culminated into a life-long exploration of electronics and the systems that make them tick. As I began to find some answers to my often unanswered questions, my thirst for knowledge grew. It was at this point that I began to truly appreciate the potential that telecommunications and computers have to act as a universal medium to share and increase knowledge. I longed to reach out to others, to understand, to travel, and to learn.

As far back as I can recall, I was curious about the world in which we live: what made the sun rise, the moon shine, the rain fall, the lightening flash, and the thunder boom: and indeed, why am I here? Thus, when the United Nations Development Programme offered technical training to citizens of developing countries, I jumped at the opportunity. Here was my chance to combine my fascination with communication technology with a chance to work for an organization known for its advocacy for the universal rights of the human being. I had worked for nine years in the telephone company at home and had acquired the requisite technical expertise needed to be a reasonably competent radio technician. Thereafter, I was hired as a Field Services Officer, where I traveled and worked extensively with United Nations peacekeeping missions in the telecommunications section. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked in places as varied as Jerusalem, Lebanon, Haiti, Kuwait, Iraq, Mozambique, and Italy.

Working in communication as a part of an international service team is a constantly satisfying experience. I find fulfillment in being a part of a team and contributing towards a common goal. As an example, in the construction of a communications tower, a complex undertaking, teamwork is critical. In the course of construction, because of the inherent dangers, one must remain focused for extended periods. The physical and mental rigours endured over time build character. In the end, when the tower stands tall and strong and the team objective has been met, there is this sense of accomplishment that makes all the efforts worthwhile. One can then stand at the top of the tower, which can rise to heights above 80 metres, and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding areas.

My job today demands me to be more of a facilitator. I act as a liaison between those who make the decisions (the managers) and those who have to apply such decisions to real-world situations (the technical support staff). I provide technical expertise for various telecommunications and information technology systems. In doing so, one of my responsibilities is to keep abreast of the most innovative technologies that are on the market.

Our volatile human nature, which is sometimes in contrast to the mission and values of the United Nations, is still the weakest link in our relationship with the Organization. My experiences in the global theatre, however, have taught me that even within a conflict situation, most of us are good at heart.

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Information Systems Assistant (Full Stack Web Developer) G-6169852Information and Telecommunication TechnologyInformation Management Systems and TechnologyEconomic and Social Commission for Western AsiaBEIRUT31/12/2021
Telecommunications Assistant G-6157109Information and Telecommunication TechnologyTelecommunications TechnologyOffice of Information and Communications TechnologyNEW YORK31/12/2021

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