Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Accounting), Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt


Arabic, English, French

The United Nations role of bringing countries together to discuss and find solutions to the many pressing issues facing our world drew me to the Organization. Critical issues such as human rights, extreme poverty, the spread of infectious diseases and the devastating effects of climate change are global problems that no one country can tackle alone. Through its meetings and conferences, the United Nations family plays a lead role in creating opportunities for Member States to jaw-jaw and to find much needed solutions.

Being part of an organization that plays such a noble role is a source of great pride for me. I work in the Arabic Section in the Division of Conference Management in the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG). The Arabic Section is one of the six United Nations official language sections in the Division. It includes Interpreters, Translators and Word Processing Clerks like me.

Conference servicing is a major function in this regional headquarters office of the United Nations also known as Palais des Nations. It is the venue for big ideas and the site for many small meetings as well as historic negotiations on major political issues such as disarmament, human rights, climate change and trade.

More than 600 meetings and conferences are held here each month for which our Division has the responsibility to ensure their successful organization; this contributes greatly to realizing the United Nations vision for a more stable, secured and prosperous world for all.

I am responsible for processing conference documents in Arabic. The work involves typing, text processing and typesetting. I process about 8,000 words each day, doing revision, proofreading, correcting grammar and ensuring accuracy. I also work with the Arabic Language Translators, transcribing their audio recordings and processing them into word documents. The work requires speed and attention to details; you must also have Arabic Language skills. In addition, you need to have a passion for producing good quality work.
Document processing is a very essential component of UNOG’s activities because it is important to produce high quality information for our meetings. The Arabic Section ensures that delegates from Arabic speaking countries get conference documents in their native language so they can fully participate in the meetings and negotiations on the important issues being discussed. We would be missing an important part of the discussion if we do not make provisions for all Member States in all six official languages.

My work here is a great source of joy to me. I have the opportunity to offer my small contribution towards the larger and more complex goals of the United Nation. I am very happy with my work and I believe my contributions to the work of the Section, though little, helps the Organization in the larger objective of a better world for all.

I joined the United Nations system in 2006 after taking the Organizations’ clerical test and applying for a position with the World Metrological Organization, a United Nations agency based in Geneva. In the same year, I transferred to the International Telecommunication Union, the oldest United Nations Organization, where I worked for almost one and a half years before joining the International Labour Organization in 2008. I started working at UNOG in the later part of 2008.

Prior to joining the Organization, I worked in cost accounting in a Tourism Agency in Egypt, dealing with employee salaries and expenses as well as the agency’s transactions with external companies.

My professional and personal life has been enriched through my work with the United Nations. I have benefited from internal training and have gained good experience from working with colleagues from different backgrounds and with varied experiences. I like working at Palais des Nations: the green landscape and environment reminds me of Eleqal Elbahry in the Southern part of Egypt where I grew up.

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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkJob FamilyDepartment/OfficeDuty stationDeadline
EDITOR P-3123498Public Information and Conference ManagementLanguageOffice of Legal AffairsNEW YORK23/11/2019
Editor (English) (2 POSITIONS) P-3123598Public Information and Conference ManagementLanguageDepartment for General Assembly and Conference ManagementVIENNA20/11/2019
EDITOR, ENGLISH P-4123723Public Information and Conference ManagementLanguageDepartment for General Assembly and Conference ManagementNEW YORK17/11/2019
COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER P-3123357Public Information and Conference ManagementPublic InformationUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeGENEVA17/11/2019
Reviser, French (3 posts) P-4120934Public Information and Conference ManagementLanguageDepartment for General Assembly and Conference ManagementNEW YORK10/11/2019
TRANSLATOR, KINYARWANDA P-3124166Public Information and Conference ManagementLanguageInternational Residual Mechanism for Criminal TribunalsARUSHA09/11/2019

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