Republic of Korea


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Certified Internal Auditor from the Institute of Internal Auditors


Korean, English

As a child, I grew up hearing tales about the United Nations’ respected blue helmets. In 1950 during the Korean War, the Security Council sent troops to the Republic of Korea to restore international peace and security. The United Nations was present in my country during its infancy, and today it continues to support peace and development around the world.
I was inspired to learn more about the United Nations when my country became a Member State in 1991 and a colleague joined the Organization in the early 90s through the National Competitive Recruitment Examination (now the Young Professionals Programme). I started working for the United Nations in Nairobi as an associate auditor 16 years ago. Currently, I am the Chief of the Office of the Under-Secretary-General (USG) for Internal Oversight Services and Special Assistant to the USG.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of my job is the insight it gives me into the Organization’s operations. Over the years, I have learned not only about the oversight office’s management but also about strategic and operational issues facing the United Nations. The overall purpose of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) is to enhance transparency and accountability. Our office ensures that resources are used economically, efficiently and effectively. OIOS has operational independence to conduct our duties and audits a number of critical areas – for instance, how the Organization manages air operations in its peacekeeping missions. Our work assists the General Assembly and management in making informed decisions; the information gathered by OIOS is used to determine program efficacy.
I like saying that the United Nations is in the business of hope. As someone who came to the UN from the private sector, I consider it a privilege to work for an organization that doesn’t tie success to monetary gain. Rather, the UN works for peace and security, human rights, development, humanitarian affairs, and international law. Peace means a big investment - not only of money but also of time and dedication. 
At its core, the United Nations offers a tremendous opportunity to contribute to humanity. It works to improve the lives of millions of people. This is what sustains me. Whenever I walk into the United Nations Headquarters, I look up at the Secretariat Building and think about what it represents. Doing so, each day renews my commitment to the organization and its mission to serve the world.

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