Master’s Degree in Computing, Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Statistics and Computer Science, University of Khartoum, Sudan


English, Arabic

As a Chief Telecommunications and Information Technology Officer working in peace operations, I manage the information technology infrastructure and systems that support a mission’s mandate. Information Systems and Communications Technology (ICT) experts support colleagues working in a variety of different mission components from Aviation to Human Rights. You need to think on your feet, be a good problem-solver, and devise innovative solutions to effectively support the Organization. As ICT is a fast-moving sector, it is also important to ensure your skills are kept up-to-date.

Business clients make critical decisions daily in the dynamic world of peacekeeping operations. Clients need to work in partnership with an efficient ICT operation that they can trust to support and enhance service delivery in the field. In my current role, I use both my technical expertise and my ability to apply it innovatively, which is crucial to the efficient running of a mission and the delivery of its mandate.

In peacekeeping operations such as the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, clients approach us for the right technological solutions to support them in their daily tasks. For example, we have deployed technology solutions to address the protection of civilians, bridging the gap in tactical communications between various forces by establishing connectivity support between stable hubs and partnering with the United Nations country team.

ICT in any business should be sure to understand how technology can play a strategic role in the overall business processes. Furthermore, ICT must invest time to market its services and products internally to increase its credibility and build partnerships. ICT organizations in peacekeeping operations are now moving into different business models that encourage close collaboration with the business, thereby ensuring that the mission is effectively positioned to deliver on its mandate

The days are gone when clients depended solely on internal ICT organization to provide technology services. Today’s technology landscape is fast-moving and competitive so it is imperative to be on-top of all our clients’ requirements. This has helped to redefine ICT as a key service provider. 

Change happens constantly. In order for reform initiatives to succeed, as change leaders, Chief Telecommunications and IT Officers need to understand and manage elements of change such as commitment, clarity and communication. Technology is a critical tool in driving a number of significant reforms taking place in the UN today.

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