Master’s Degree in Arts (Latin American Politics), New York University, United States

Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, University of Brasília, Brazil


English, French, Portuguese

I joined the United Nations to serve as a Human Rights Officer in Haiti where the mission had a mandate to promote and protect human rights during a transformative period in Haiti’s history. This was a turning point in my life. I knew that I was answering a calling and that my chosen path would bring sacrifices and challenges but also great rewards. Haitians who came to the mission to file human rights complaints left our offices with a renewed sense of hope for a better future as they felt they were not alone. Subsequently, the mission was evacuated from Haiti on the same day that my father, who had always been a mentor and great supporter of my dream, passed way. These two events, albeit unrelated, strengthened my calling and reinforced my understanding of the responsibilities working for the United Nations demands and the impact it has on us all.

I have a background in international relations, which lead to my work with the Organization. My work in peacekeeping started as a one-time experience, which then became the focus of my career, allowing me to pursue my dream of working in the international arena. All my roles have been extremely rewarding especially as I interact globally with many different people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. My service has provided me with many unique and precious moments. I have witnessed the extraordinary resilience of human beings in the face of adversity, which inspires me to continue working in a context where I know I can make a meaningful contribution.

My current role as Chief of Staff with the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo is highly rewarding given its central oversight function covering all mission operations. I ensure effective direction and integrated management of mission activities so my function requires close cooperation with its components. I primarily oversee the “what, where and when”, while also taking into account possible political implications of actions taken by the mission. I coordinate the “how” element with colleagues responsible for administration, logistics and human resources. As my role requires the involvement of many stakeholders, oversight of all aspects of our operation is essential so that everything runs as seamlessly as possible. As a woman working in a senior leadership role, I am particularly proud to serve in this capacity, as well as in every role that has brought me to this position.

Previously, in both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Darfur, I served as a Senior Planning Officer. This role necessitated working with colleagues from all mission components to develop a comprehensive implementation plan, which was then operationalized into component-level plans. This activity enabled us to translate policy and the Head of Mission’s strategic direction into actionable tasks. These were monitored periodically to review the mission’s mandate implementation status.

During my time with the Department of Field Support in New York, my work had a significant impact on both peacekeeping troops and civilian staff. This was achieved by ensuring that all missions had comprehensive contingency plans in place to ensure the continuity of operations by minimizing the impact of a crisis including a pandemic and other emergencies.

No matter where I have worked, from Timor Leste where I supported the Timorese nation-building effort, to Sierra Leone, where I worked as part of a team to transform the mission from a peacekeeping to peacebuilding operation, to South Africa where I participated in preparations and monitored the 1994 elections, I have enjoyed tremendous diversity in my roles and duty stations. I find this deeply fulfilling, especially as I get to see first-hand the difference my contribution is making.

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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkJob FamilyDepartment/OfficeDuty stationDeadline
Evaluation Officer P-3107921Management and AdministrationManagement and AnalysisDepartment of Management Strategy, Policy and ComplianceNEW YORK27/01/2019
Finance and Budget Officer P-3108518Management and AdministrationFinanceDepartment of Management Strategy, Policy and ComplianceNEW YORK26/01/2019
CHIEF OF SECTION, FINANCE P-5107379Management and AdministrationFinanceUnited Nations Office at GenevaGENEVA25/01/2019
Finance Officer P-3107115Management and AdministrationFinanceDepartment of Operational SupportNEW YORK24/01/2019
Chief of Service, Ombudsman D-1107416Management and AdministrationAdministrationOffice of the United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation ServicesNEW YORK18/01/2019
Programme Officer P-4107409Management and AdministrationAdministrationDepartment of Management Strategy, Policy and ComplianceNEW YORK18/01/2019

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