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Posting Title: UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) – Consultant for the Latin American Region
Department/Office: United Nations Environment Programme
Duty Station: PANAMA CITY
Posting Period: 15 February 2019 - 18 March 2019
Job Opening Number: 19-United Nations Environment Programme-112065-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.

Result of Service

The co-ordinator will help create a sustainable finance hub with members in Latin America & the Caribbean. The outcomes of services will be to strengthen the UNEP FI Latin American and Caribbean regional network, and help UNEP FI achieve its goals as set in its UNEP project documents. This will help member institutions to integrate sustainability into operations.

Work Location

Working Remotely.

Expected duration

The duration of the contract will be 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020.

Duties and Responsibilities

The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) is a strategic public-private partnership between UNEP and the global financial sector. UNEP FI works with approximately 230 financial institutions, which are signatories to the UNEP FI Statements of Environmental Commitment, and a range of partners and organisations, to develop and promote linkages between the environment, sustainability and financial performance.

UNEP FI works with banking, insurance and investment members and a network of regional partners to accelerate market momentum towards financial institutions aligned with sustainable development in five geographical areas: Africa & the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America. The objective is to engage UNEP FI members in the global work programme, disseminate, promote and communicate UNEP FI’s work focusing on regional priorities, including consultations, research, workshops, and meetings/events.

UNEP FI requires a consultant to work as Network Co-ordinator in Latin America & the Caribbean. The role involves relationship management with financial institutions, communications, membership development, outreach, event management, resource mobilisation and co-ordinating with UNEP FI’s Secretariat to achieve UNEP FI’s mission to accelerate the development of financial institutions that integrate sustainability and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The role supports priorities to:
• Globally facilitate and promote leadership on sustainability by financial institutions.
• Engage the broader membership in work programme implementation.
• Strengthen regional coordination and identify synergies, areas of cooperation and new partnerships.
• Expand membership and signatories to/endorsement of the Principles for Responsible Banking and Principles for Sustainable Insurance.
• Assist with UNEP FI project and programmes to the broader membership and key stakeholders
• Oversee and support implementation of flagship regional projects, such as the GEF funded Good Growth Partnership in Brazil and Paraguay
• Liaise with UNEP FI Ecosystem and Land Use teams to advance sustainable finance solutions with members and prospects exposed to land use sectors (e.g. agriculture, forestry, mining) when appropriate
The roles include facilitating activities with the community of UNEP FI members in the regions, information and best practice sharing across financial institutions and outreach with key stakeholders, as well as outreach to potential new members.

In line with the UNEP FI project document approved by UNEP, and under the direct supervision of UNEP FI’s Membership and Regional Co-ordination Manager, the Consultant will carry out the following project tasks for UNEP FI. Activities should also be implemented in coordination with the UN Environment Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The consultant will assist with the engagement of UNEP FI members in Latin America & the Caribbean in relation to implementing UNEP FI’s strategies and annual work programme across industry and thematic work streams. Develop and implement UNEP FI’s co-ordination plan for banking, insurance and investment members across Latin America & the Caribbean. The Consultant will work with UNEP FI members, under UNEP FI’s guidance, lead outreach in the region(s), co-ordinate knowledge sharing and community building activities, secure financial contributions, help design, manage and implement regional projects as well as assisting with both regional and global meetings and events.

These responsibilities include:
• Develop and execute regional work plan, supporting implementation of UNEP FI’s governance, strategies, work programme as well as specific flagship regional initiatives and projects, while taking account of regional priorities and needs. Assist in the development and implementation a UNEP FI’s governance and work programme in the region, taking account of regional priorities and needs.
• Facilitate peer-to-peer learning across banking/insurance and investment and co-ordinate regional members’ participation in UNEP FI LinkedIn Group and other social media.
• Supporting outreach for UN Environment’s climate and ecosystems activities, focused on engagement forest-related projects in the region.
• Support projects under land use finance and the Good Growth Partnership in Paraguay and Brazil, including participating in key events and workshops, developing and maintaining network of stakeholders related to the two areas of work and supporting the GGP consultants with dialogue and outreach to LAC stakeholders and members.
• Provide intelligence on financial innovation and solutions developed in the LAC region and help support the identification of potential engagement areas for UNEP FI Ecosystem and Land Use teams.
• Promote and facilitate dialogues on ESG integration with UNEP FI members, under UNEP FI’s direct guidance.
• Maintain UNEP FI web pages on members’ profiles and regional web pages with sustainable finance market intelligence and regional activities.
• Provide a focal point for UNEP FI members in the region(s) and identify and respond to members’ needs.
• Support the development of an enabling environment for sustainable finance in the regions to scale up private sector financing for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement (2015).
• Build a network of supporting institutions to amplify UNEP FI’s network and build the sustainable finance agenda.
• Help secure resources to support activities in the region and countries (e.g. national roadmaps, dialogues, etc.).
• Assist in arranging meetings, taking minutes for these meeting.
• Outreach to expand UNEP FI membership, under the direct guidance of UNEP FI, in the region(s) and secure endorsement/signatories to the Principles for Responsible Banking and Principles for Sustainable Insurance.
• Outreach to facilitate participation of UNEP FI members in LAC region in the land use finance and GGP project activities such as training, piloting methodologies and toolkits, etc.
• Co-ordinate UNEP FI Regional Roundtable.

Expected Outputs:
• Relationship management and regional co-ordination in the region strengthened through implementation of work plan for region.
• Regulation communications delivered to inform members on UNEP FI’s sustainable finance work programme and opportunities to participate in activities/adopt outputs.
• Members engaged in UNEP FI’s work programme through involvement in projects, consultations, webinars or uptake of outputs such as guidelines, principles and tools, methodologies relevant to priorities in the region.
• UNEP FI membership maintained and expanded in the region in 2019 (banking, insurance and investment).
• Activity implementation of the Good Growth Partnership strengthened, and visibility of the project improved.
• Endorsement secured for the Principles for Responsible Banking from key influencers and financial institutions.
• Increase in signatories to Principles for Sustainable Insurance.
• Knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning undertaken through events/ workshops/meetings around regional priorities and good practice.
• Leadership on sustainable insurance, banking and investment by members in the region recognised in communications and at events. Members’ speaking opportunities at events supported.
• Sustainable finance agenda developed with membership and key stakeholders to support scaling up of leadership and enabling environment for sustainable finance in the region.
• Secretariat informed of regional sustainable finance developments and information on members’ and potential members.
• Bimonthly conference calls/webinars/meetings organised with members and global members’ subsidiaries in the region on priority sustainable finance topics.
• UNEP FI website updated with key information on members, activities and market intelligence in the region.
• Members participate in Regional Roundtable in 2019 and regional community/hub developed.
• Meetings/events including agenda, background documents drafted and, minutes and list of participants, in co-ordination with Meeting Chair are outputs of the meetings.

Specific tasks and responsibilities

• Manage relationships with members and strengthen regional co-ordination by implementing work plan in Latin America & the Caribbean.
• Undertake communications to members and contribute to engaging members in implementation of UNEP FI’s strategies and work plans for 2018/19/20.
• Facilitate peer-to-peer learning, awareness raising and knowledge-sharing on region-specific priorities on sustainable banking/insurance/investment.
• Promote leadership on sustainable finance and respond to information requests from members (and subsidiaries), increasing UNEP FI visibility, membership retention and growth in the region.
• Coordinate with members, supporting institutions and key stakeholders to advance the sustainable finance agenda in the region and in the countries (e.g. supporting national roadmaps).
• Keep ecosystem and land use team informed of new developments related to sustainable land use finance taking place in the region.
• Inform UNEP FI Secretariat of relevant members’ news and support global industry committees and thematic project implementation.
• Update UNEP FI’s regional web page on sustainable finance market intelligence and update regional members’ profiles on UNEP FI website.
• Maintain contacts list for members and subsidiaries in the region.
• Outreach for signatories to Principles for Responsible Banking/Sustainable Insurance.
• Retain membership in the region, and work with Regional Advisory Board members to support growth in membership in 2019.
• Build UNEP FI’s network and presence in the region together with members.
• Co-ordinate insurance, banking and investment related activities, resource mobilization and capacity building in region.
• Organise conference calls, meetings, webinars and events to build the community of members in the region around the banking, insurance and investment sustainability agendas.
• Support UNEP FI communications and events in region.

Qualifications/special skills

Skills: Proven relationship management skills, knowledge in the field of sustainable finance; knowledge/experience of the banking, insurance and/or investment industries in Latin America & the Caribbean; knowledge of REDD+, zero deforestation commodity supply chains, and other landscape investment; ability to contribute to initiatives assessing ESG risks, including voluntary standards; ability to manage multiple stakeholders in a diplomatic, organised and timely manner; proven influencing skills; excellent communication (spoken and written) skills, including the ability to organise and deliver written updates, events, management desirable conference calls and webinars; ability to be proactive and work independently.

Academic Qualifications: Degree in communications, marketing, business, sustainability or environment, finance, international relations, business administration or related fields.

Experience: At least 5 years of experience in international organisations, the financial services sector, private sector or NGOs examining the intersection between sustainable development and finance. Experience in client-facing role in financial services of sustainability-related consulting.

Language: English is the working language of UNEP FI. Fluency in Spanish for the position in Latin America & the Caribbean. Portuguese desirable. Knowledge of other United Nations languages is an asset.

No Fee


Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.
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