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Intitulé publication: Sustainable Lifestyles, Youth and Environmental Education Consultant
Département / Bureau: Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement
Lieu d'affectation: PANAMA CITY
Période de candidature: 30 novembre 2021 - 08 décembre 2021
No de l’appel á candidature: 21-United Nations Environment Programme-169496-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
Valeurs fondamentales de l'ONU: intégrité, professionnalisme, respect de la diversité
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Result of Service

2. Objective. Under the supervision of the Programme Officer of Resource Efficiency , at the UNEP Latin America and the Caribbean Office ; this consultancy will be contributing to the areas of Sustainable UN (SUN), Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), and the Environmental Training Network.

More specifically, the consultant will have the following tasks:

I. Assist the coordination of the Environmental Training Network and its work plan, that will include:
a) Support the implementation of the Work Plan 2021-2023 of the Environmental Training Network and related activities
b) Support the outreach and dissemination of the work of the Environmental Education Network in key political events
c) Assist in the elaboration of project proposals to support resource mobilization especially in areas of formal education.
d) Support the synergies with other UN Environment initiatives, including online platform, environmental education, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), EuroClima, and other relevant initiatives such as the Biological Corridor of the Caribbean, the Restoration Action Plan, and the Youth and Education Alliance (YEA!).
e) Assist in the preparation of periodical conference call, webinars with the members of the Network, maintaining a good information flow.
f) Carry out research and drafting information tools such as newsletters, presentations, and social media communications of the Environmental Education Network. Including youth organizations working on environmental education and sustainable lifestyles
g) Follow-up and review of products related to consultancies during the implementation of the Work Plan 2019-2020. Such as the Environmental Education Guideline.

II. Support the work of the Ibero-American Alliance of University Networks on Sustainability and the Environment (ARIUSA)
a) Follow-up collaboration with ARIUSA, based on the activities listed in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Small-Scale Funding Agreement (SSFA), including reviewing products and supporting communication and activities
b) Follow-up the development of a strategic plan to consider the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the university sector
c) Support the ARIUSA thematic network on sustainable waste management and its training activities.
d) Support the resource mobilization activities to conduct face-to-face and/or online training.

III. Support the work of Sustainable Lifestyles and 10YFP Programme and Impulsando el consumo sostenible en América Latina a través de la información al consumidor y diseño de productos” (ICSAL) project
a) Coordinate the Regional Innovation Contest for Sustainable Lifestyles in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)
- Support the coordination of the contest with the implementation partner
- Review of deliverables related to the contest ProjectCooperationAgreement (PCA- Universidad de los Andes)
- Review and support the communication and dissemination of the contest
- Support in the elaboration of preparation webinars and Bootcamp for participants
b) Identify opportunities to disseminate UN environment ́s work on sustainable lifestyles.
c) Support the development of project proposals related to sustainable lifestyles.
d) Support sustainable lifestyles activities of impulsando el consumo sostenible en america latina a través de la información al consumidor y el diseño de productos (ICSAL) project, national tables, and the Youth Dialogue on Sustainable lifestyles (SL).

IV. Support activities for the implementation of the “Green Office”/Environmental Management System of the UN Environment-Latin America and the Caribbean Office” which includes the following activities:
a) Carry out research, analysis and drafting of documents presenting data and information gathered from diverse sources to continue the Action Plan of the “Green Office”, to minimize the environmental impacts and promote sustainable lifestyles in the workplace.
b) Support the work and coordination of the internal “task force for a Green office”
c) Assist in the periodical monitoring and reporting of indicators of the Action Plan, to the Sustainable United Nations (SUN) team.
d) Support the preparation of briefings, information material and power point presentations as requested.

V. Support activities for the implementation of Go4SDGs (Universities and youth component), and Youth and Education Alliance (YEA!)
a) Strengthening a regional youth network of environmental youth organizations
b) Support the regional and global activities of Global Opportunities for Sustainable Development Goals (Go4SDGs): Universities and youth component
c) Support the development and implementation of the Sustainable Lifestyles Leadership academy with Universidad de los Andes
d) Support the regional innovation contest on sustainable lifestyles and campaigns
VI. Support the interagency activities related to youth and education
a) Support the cooperation with UNESCO and UNICEF on the Regional Guidelines for Policymakers in Latin America and the Caribbean: Advancing Climate Action Through the Education Sector
- Supervise the consultancies related to the cooperation with UNESCO and UNICEF
- Review of the deliverables related with the mapping of the integration and linkage of the education, environment, and climate change sectors in public policies
e) Follow up and participate at the Working Group on Youth of the United Nations Regional Collaborative Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean, providing inputs and ideas for cooperation.
f) Act as regional focal point for the UNEP Youth Working Group, group coordinated by the Youth and Education Global Team

Work Location


Expected duration

10 months and 20 days

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Purpose.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) is the leading environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. The Latin America and the Caribbean office helps to implement UN Environment's programmes by initiating, coordinating and catalyzing regional and sub-regional cooperation and action in response to environmental challenges, opportunities and emergencies. This position is in the UN Environment, Latin America and the Caribbean office at Panama Duty Station.
For the past years, UN Environment has embraced the principles of resource efficiency as endorsed by the Chief Executive Board´s Climate Neutral Strategy, aiming to minimize the environmental impacts of the operations and buildings, reducing the use of natural resources and continuing climate neutral in the future. UN Environment – Latin America and Caribbean Office supports this initiative and has developed an “Environmental Management Plan (“Green Office”), implementing different strategies and policies related to smart use of resources, water, energy, and waste management, as well as promoting sustainable lifestyles in the workplace. The consultant will follow-up Greening the Blue United Nations Initiative and will support the development of Green Office activities in the UNEP Latin American and Caribbean Office (ROLAC) , such as: indicator’s measurement, annual report of indicators and carry-out the accorded activities to achieve carbon neutrality.

Likewise, over the last two decades, UN Environment has been working in the areas of sustainable consumption and production, sustainable lifestyles and environmental education. UN Environment coordinates the Regional Environmental Training Network (ETN), which brings together the Directors of Environmental Education, from the Ministries of Environment in Latin America and the Caribbean.
UN Environment has been supporting also the Ibero-American Alliance of University Networks on Sustainability and the Environment (ARIUSA), which represents the regional chapter of the Global Universities Partnership on Environment for Sustainability (GUPES), now renamed Youth and Education Alliance (YEA!), in coordination with the Regional Environmental Training Network. UN Environment and ARIUSA jointly promote the active participation of universities in YEA! and cooperate in a range of areas such as the development of assessment on the consideration of environmental criteria in universities, promote the adoption of post-graduate education on environmental matters, and the measurement of integration of the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals into universities.
Within this framework, UN Environment in cooperation with ARIUSA also promoted the establishment of the University Consortium on Sustainable Waste Management for Latin America and the Caribbean, which promotes the post-graduate education on holistic waste management, exchange of research and knowledge in this area, and the training of relevant stakeholders in the region.
The incumbent will follow the Environmental Education activities, supporting areas on: i) training and research; ii) monitoring and reporting of indicators; iii) political advocacy; iv) coordination and collaborations with universities; v) South-South communication, information and cooperation; vi) articulation with other initiatives and sectors; vii) financing; viii) governance and support development of project proposals. Will also implement Youth and Education Alliance regional activities in non-formal education such as the Little Book on Green Nudges, Plastic Tide Turners Challenge Badge, Playing for the Planet and other related activities.
In addition to, the consultant will also support Resource Efficiency activities, will follow-up Sustainable Lifestyles and 10YFP Programme, especially activities related with the regionalization of Anatomy of Action, GoodLife Goals and Simply Live Better Sustainable Lifestyles Campaigns, the incumbent will carry out activities related to the Youth Task Force and support their agenda.
The incumbent will be supervised by the Programme Officer of Resource Efficiency and will work at the UNEP Office, Panama, from Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week.

Qualifications/special skills

Academic Qualifications: : University Degree (Bachelor) in Environmental Sciences, Economics, International Relations, Social Sciences or a related area. A first-level university degree in combination at least 2 (one) year of qualifying and relevant professional experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.

Experience: 2 years of demonstrated professional competence in the area of environment, sustainable consumption and production. Strong analytical skills, and knowledge of environmental, social and economic issues. Excellent research, communication and writing skills in Spanish and English, as well as a high degree of motivation and self-organization are required. Previous work with UNEP is desirable

Language: Fluent written and spoken Spanish and English required. Knowledge of other official languages in the United Nations System is an advantage.

Skills: Competent in computer management. Advanced level in Microsoft Office..

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