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Posting Title: Senior Consultant to Develop Foresight Methodology for Member States to Support Risk Mitigation and Prevention
Department/Office: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
Duty Station: BEIRUT
Posting Period: 09 December 2021 - 15 December 2021
Job Opening Number: 21-Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia-170488-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.

Result of Service

­ Technical paper and facilitators guide to rollout the foresight approach to senior civil servants through technical assistance, including the provision of a brief overview of the method utilized and its uses for forecasting and prioritization of public policies for prevention.

­ Develop the qualitative approach through of which overarching goal is to produce a forward-looking assessment regarding the depth and pace of systemic changes across the Arab region, in particular regarding transboundary conflict and non-conflict drivers of hazards and vulnerabilities that could obstruct national development trajectories or lead to instability. These could include but are not limited to the following:

o Design and Method: The foresight method should be grounded in an examination of the 2030 Agenda developmental framework and the different risks and trends that could undermine the Agenda's attainment in particular Sustainable Development Goal 16.

o Sampling and pilot questionnaire: the consultant will be expected to propose an appropriate sampling for the assessment and finally to define who will be 'polled' / interviewed, in consultation with ESCWA. The basis of the questionnaire will be justified through a technical paper and a facilitators guide to be utilized as background material for technical assistance to senior civil servants.

­ Technical guidance throughout the implementation of the qualitative approach

­ Incorporate amendments and gaps identified into technical paper after a pilot workshops are undertaken

­ Undertake a "live" foresight exercise and produce outcome in the form of a report.

Work Location

Home based

Expected duration

One month

Duties and Responsibilities


The objective of ESCWA's Cluster 6 is to mitigate the impact of crises, including occupation, and to address development challenges associated with ongoing transformations in the Arab region; in addition to Ministerial Session Resolutions 271 (XXIV) Strengthening the role of ESCWA in addressing the impact of conflict and instability within the context of social and economic development and 282 (XXV) Mitigating the impact on development of conflict, occupation and instability in ESCWA member countries. This also links directly with the 2030 Development Agenda.

In order to address these vital and interconnected issues, evidence-based analysis of available and up-to-date quantitative and qualitative data are vital to examine the main drivers of hazard and vulnerability on the region whether they are conflict or non-conflict related. This would strengthen policy formulation of senior public servants. It would also serve to augment prevention and mitigation efforts.

ESCWA's mandate as a regional think tank and policy advising UN entity, positions it as a leading institution on addressing national and transboundary challenges to development from a regional, macro-level perspective, objectively assessing socioeconomic developments and formulating both analysis and policy recommendations accordingly.


The main objective of the assignment is to produce a foresight methodology that would complement risk of violence prevention tool developed by ESCWA and its partners.

Duties and responsibilities

Within the delegated authority, the Consultant will support the initial development and roll out of a qualitative methodology that covers the Arab Region. The Consultant will undertake methodological research to design and provide guidance and recommendations to build the methodology. The Consultant will contribute in selecting the kind of questions and topics needed depending on the type of information needed to effectively assess risk of violence, as well as assessing the relative importance of different topics and their interlinkages. Accordingly, the duties of the Consultant include the design of a questionnaire and a technical paper (as a guidance tool to the questionnaire). The Consultant will be involved in follow-up activities, namely: attending and presenting this work at an Expert Group Meeting to justify the methods and results; assisting in incorporating this framework into further ESCWA's activities, assisting ESCWA staff and potential external partners (Governments, CSOs etc) in understanding and onboarding this system. The consultant will assist ESCWA staff in conducting the foresight exercise (including identifying relevant experts and deployment of the questionnaire as well as producing a foresight report).

Qualifications/special skills

Skills: Advanced knowledge of qualitative research methods.
Academic Qualifications: Advanced university degree (master's degree or equivalent) in social research methodology, political science political or similar.
Experience: At least five years' experience in advanced qualitative research and analysis in areas related to sustainable development; experience in devising methodologies for quantitative and qualitative data analysis required; experience with qualitative methods required.
Language: Fluency in written and spoken English is required; fluency in other working languages of the UN is an advantage

Additional Information

The Consultant will report regularly to the risk assessment team and to the Director of the Division. During the implementation of the contract, periodic discussions and reviews of drafts and research progress shall take place at reasonable intervals throughout the development of the outputs. It is expected that the Consultant and risk assessment team will work closely together and interact frequently during the consultancy to ensure successful contract fulfilment.

No Fee


Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.
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