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Posting Title: International Consultant: Social Protection Capacity Assessment in the Federal Republic of Somalia
Department/Office: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
Duty Station: BEIRUT
Posting Period: 08 April 2022 - 21 April 2022
Job Opening Number: 22-Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia-178978-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.

Result of Service

Expected outputs

During the assignment, the two consultants will jointly deliver the following outputs:
- First output (1 month into assignment): Draft outline of social protection capacity assessment and development action plan
- Second output (2.5 months into assignment): Presentation of preliminary findings in the framework of a workshop with ESCWA and MoLSA
- Third output (3 months into assignment): Draft social protection capacity assessment and development action plan
- Fourth output (by end of assignment): Final social protection capacity assessment and development action plan

Work Location


Expected duration

The duration of the contract is for 4 months (part-time), starting from the signature date of the contract and ending no later than 31 August 2022.

Duties and Responsibilities

Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world. As of 2017, almost 70 per cent of the population were living below the international poverty line, and by 2021 fully 22 per cent were facing high levels of acute food insecurity. Against this background, the Federal Government in 2019 adopted a comprehensive Somali Social Protection Policy (SSPP). This document has a broad and ambitious scope - encompassing social assistance and insurance as well as social care and labour market policies - but sets out a pragmatic implementation timeframe, emphasizing that the provision of non-contributory cash transfers will be prioritized in the short to medium terms.
Social protection is a relatively new area for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA), which has yet to unfold its full potential in terms of human and institutional capacities. It is therefore critical to undertake an assessment illuminating the most pressing capacity gaps, since this would inform MoLSA about how its scarce resources ought to be used. Identifying capacity gaps would also enable MoLSA to better understand in which areas there might be a particularly strong need to solicit the collaboration of national or international partners.
Consequently, ESCWA will undertake an assessment of MoLSA's present capacities and put these in relation to the capacities required to implement the SSPP. This assessment will consider the human and institutional capacities needed for designing, implementing, and monitoring social protection measures, including the delivery mechanisms (e.g. outreach, intake and registration, distribution of benefits, and operations management). Focusing specifically on the SSPP components that are prioritized in the short and medium terms, notably the expansion of cash transfers, ESCWA will also propose a capacity development plan with concrete action points.
Duties and responsibilities
The international consultant will lead the capacity assessment and carry it out in close collaboration with a second consultant, based in Somalia, who will provide input and information and facilitate communication with MoLSA and other stakeholders in the country.
• More specifically, the international consultant will assess the current institutional and operational capacity (social protection structural environment, human resources, assets, etc.) of MoLSA - at the central, governorate/regional, and district levels - needed with regard to design parameters, delivery chain, and institutional requirements for effective social protection programming.

• The social protection capacity assessment and development action plan should include:
o Detailed specific capacity needs and priorities at the organizational as well as individual levels
o Recommendations to fit the identified needs and challenges for a proper planning, monitoring, steering and potentially downstream implementation and/or reforming the introduction and/or expansion of social protection programmes (predominantely non-contributory, contributory where relevant), including detailed work plans, and estimated budget cost to support the development action plan.

Qualifications/special skills

Academic Qualifications: The duration of the contract is for 4 months (part-time), starting from the signature date of the contract and ending no later than 31 August 2022.
Experience: At least 7 years of proven experience of working with social protection and related matters is required. Other relevant experience, relating, for instance, to policy development, building information systems and/or to organising consultative processes involving ministries and other stakeholders, is desirable
Language: Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Knowledge of Arabic, Somali or other relevant languages is desirable

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Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.
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