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Intitulé publication: EU4Environment International SPP Consultant
Département / Bureau: Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement
Lieu d'affectation: GENEVA
Période de candidature: 10 mai 2022 - 17 mai 2022
No de l’appel á candidature: 22-United Nations Environment Programme-180947-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
Valeurs fondamentales de l'ONU: intégrité, professionnalisme, respect de la diversité
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Result of Service

Consultant will be hired to deliver the mentioned above tasks.

Expected result:
¿ 4 national dialogues to promote SPP and ecolabelling in the region (Georgia, Moldova) well organized.
¿ Strategic and technical guidance in identification of new product categories for SPP in Moldova provided.
¿ Technical review on the draft guidelines and training materials on SPP in Moldova provided.
¿ Technical review on the draft training materials on ecolabelling in Moldova provided.
¿ Technical review to the report on prioritized products for SPP and draft criteria for 2 products for SPP in Ukraine provided.
¿ The round table for SMEs/suppliers of the SPP prioritized products organized and recommendations for the Georgian State Procurement Agency’s future actions to promote SPP drafted.

Work Location


Expected duration

Up to 125 working days – from 1.06.2022 to 21.11.2022.

Duties and Responsibilities

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. Its mandate is to coordinate the development of environmental policy consensus by keeping the global environment under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action.

The EU-funded “European Union for Environment” (EU4Environment) aims to help the six partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine preserve their natural capital and increase people's environmental well-being, by supporting environment-related action, demonstrating and unlocking opportunities for greener growth, and setting mechanisms to better manage environmental risks and impacts.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is one of the five partner agencies implementing the EU-funded EU4Environment Programme (2019–2022). Under EU4Environment project’s Result 2 Circular economy and new growth opportunities, UNEP is responsible to deliver Activity 2.3.1: Conduct assessments and develop policies for Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) and eco-labelling systems and Activity 2.3.2: Capacity development of business sectors to respond public tenders and access to eco-labelling. In this context, UNEP supports Moldova and Georgia in the promotion of SPP and ecolabelling. The international SPP Expert (Consultant) will support the implementation of SPP and Eco labelling activities through providing technical guidance and inputs to the various work being implemented by the national partners in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. The national implementing partners are: the State Procurement Agency and Environmental Information and Education Centre in Georgia; the Public Procurement Agency and NGO EcoContanct in in Moldova; the NGO Living Planet in Ukraine. The consultant will support the organization of four national dialogues on SPP and ecolabelling in Georgia and Moldova and the round table for SMEs on SPP prioritized categories in Georgia, and the preparation of technical documents including sustainability SPP criteria and guidelines for priority product categories in Ukraine, guidelines and training materials on SPP and ecolabelling in Moldova.

Specific tasks and responsibilities

Under overall guidance of UNEP, an International SPP Expert will carry out the following tasks:

Activity 1. Assist in organizing 4 national high-level dialogues to promote SPP and ecolabelling in the region (Georgia, Moldova).

Elaboration of SPP and ecolabelling documents and actions in the countries and their further approval require an active engagement of all actors: decision makers, experts, civil society. In order to ensure engagement of key stakeholders in each country in the region (namely, Georgia, Moldova), it is suggested to organize dedicated dialogues between line (sectoral) ministries, NGOs, national and international experts. Four (4) high level dialogues will be organized (1 dialogue on SPP and 1 dialogue on ecolabelling per country) in Georgia and Moldova. SPP events would aim to raise awareness and promote newly developed SPP approaches in the countries, inform about the economic, environmental and social benefits of SPP approaches, and ensure buy-in from line ministries (contracting authorities). Through the dialogues, events and information dissemination, it would be ideal if contracting authorities could express their interest to engage in SPP pilot tenders. At the dialogue on ecolabelling newly developed ecolabelling related assessments, legislations and planned actions will be presented. UNEP, EU Delegations and experts from EU countries will also share their experience.

The consultant will organize 4 events in close collaboration with the national partners of EU4Environment/UNEP, which are implementing EU4Environment SPP and eco-labelling activities (namely, in Georgia: the State Procurement Agency, the EIEC; in Moldova: the Public Procurement Agency, NGO EcoContact); the national partners will provide logistics (platform, interpretation, invitations etc.). The consultant will be responsible for drafting agenda, identifying speakers, preparing LoPs, ensure the quality of presentation slides and summaries etc., and assist the facilitation of the events. The consultant, in close collaboration with EU delegation, UNEP and OECD communication officers, will prepare communication materials to be distributed prior to the meetings, as well as after the meetings by different means, including social media.

Activity 2. Provide strategic and technical guidance in identification of new product categories for SPP in Moldova.

In 2022, the framework of the EU4Environment, the Moldovan Public Procurement Agency (with support from the international and national legal experts) will conduct an assessment on prioritization of the new product categories for future SPP pilot tenders. The consultant will guide the team of experts in identification and conducting assessments of new product categories (for instance, comparing suggested new products categories vs public procurement plans/volume and vs market availability, frequency of purchases etc.). The consultant will take into account of the lessons learnt from other countries where the SPP prioritization exercises were conducted (i.e. Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan) to ensure new priority product categories are selected strategically so that they ensure the future successful implementation of SPP pilot tenders (EU4Environment Activity 2.3.1). The consultant will also ensure the synergies with other EU4Environment activities (such as, Eco-innovation and RECP approaches) to maximize the impact of EU4Environment in the countries.

Activity 3. Provide technical review on the draft guidelines and training materials on SPP in Moldova.

The Moldova national partner (the Public Procurement Agency) will develop guidelines for SPP and a set of training materials on SPP following UNEP methodology and fully adjust into the country’s context (up to 50 PowerPoint slides). The consultant will review the guidelines (the general section and the guidelines for 5 prioritized products). The consultant will also review the training materials (presentation slides). The consultant, where necessary, will conduct these reviews in close consultation with the SPP experts in the UNEP Economy Division. The guidelines and training materials will be further used for awareness raising and capacity building events.

Activity 4. Provide technical review on the draft training materials on ecolabelling in Moldova.

UNEP’s national partner on ecolabelling in Moldova (NGO EcoContact) has been drafting a new Regulation on ecolabelling. Upon completion of the draft Regulation (submission to the Ministry of Environment), NGO EcoContact will prepare training materials (presentation slides or a designed document) on ecolabelling, targeting the government bodies and business communities, which will be used in the 4 training workshops. The training materials will explain about the eco-labeling systems using UNEP general training materials on ecolabelling (prepared in 2021) and present the key elements of the new draft Regulation. The consultant, in consultation with the eco-labelling experts of the UNEP Economy Division, will review the training materials. The consultant will also assist NGO EcoContact in organizing 4 training workshops.

Activity 5. Provide technical review to the report on prioritized products for SPP and draft criteria for 2 products for SPP in Ukraine.

The EU4Environment/UNEP national partner in Ukraine (NGO Living Planet) has drafted a report on the prioritized products for SPP. Two product categories were prioritized for SPP: 1) Repair, maintenance services of road infrastructure and related equipment and related services; 2) Food catering services. The Living Planet has also elaborated sustainability criteria for the two product categories mentioned above. The consultant will review the draft report on prioritized product categories for SPP, as well as will review draft sustainability criteria elaborated for 2 prioritized products for SPP in Ukraine.

Activity 6. Organize the round table for SMEs/suppliers of the SPP prioritized products and draft recommendations for the Georgian State Procurement Agency’s future actions to promote SPP.

In 2021, under the EU4Environmen project, toner cartridges, ink cartridges and printers and plotters and cleaning and polishing products were prioritized for SPP in Georgia. The consultant, in collaboration with the State Procurement Agency, will organize a round table with the SMEs/suppliers of the above mentioned products. The State Procurement Agency will present the newly developed sustainability criteria for those products and plans for the SPP pilot tenders. The roundtable will aim at collecting SMEs/suppliers point of views, their readiness to respond to the SPP tenders, and their constraints, challenges and needs. Following the round table, the consultant will draft the recommendations for the State Procurement Agency on next steps of promoting SPP and relevant by-law and SMEs/suppliers and business associations’ engagement. At least 20 representatives of SMEs/suppliers and business associations will be invited to participate in the workshop.

Reporting lines

The Consultant is reporting to UNEP Europe Office Climate Change and Resource Efficiency programme coordinator in Geneva. The consultant will also guided by the SPP and Eco-labelling experts in UNEP Economy Division and Communication Officers in UNEP Europe Office.

Qualifications/special skills

Academic Qualifications:
Advanced degree in environmental management, economy, sustainable development, environmental studies, or social science.
A minimum of 10 years work experience in the international field on environment / sustainable development related projects;
¿ Proven work experience on Sustainable Public Procurement concept and approaches is required;
¿ Demonstrated knowledge in eco-labelling is required;
¿ Experience of organizing workshops and consultations is required;
¿ Working experience in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine is an asset;
¿ Working experience in government sector in Eastern Europe is advantage;
¿ Knowledge of the countries’ regulatory frameworks, particularly in the areas of public procurement, sustainable development, ecolabelling and environmental standards in Georgia and Moldova is advantage;
Fluency in English is required. Fluency in language in the region, (e.g. Georgian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian), is advantage.

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