Job Opening

Posting Title: Enterprise Risk Management Specialist
Department/Office: United Nations Mission Integrated Office in Haiti
Duty Station: PORT-AU-PRINCE
Posting Period: 03 August 2022 - 08 August 2022
Job Opening Number: 22-United Nations Mission Integrated Office in Haiti-187857-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.

Result of Service

- Prepare and obtain approval of a Risk Monitoring Strategy and risk register
- Provide an assessment of the Organizational Resilience Management System (ORMS) guidelines and Business Continuity frameworks.

Work Location

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Expected duration

6 months with possibility of extension

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant will be responsible to:
- Assist in the establishment of a Local Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Committee able to review identified risks, validate a Mission risk register, instill a positive culture for risk management across Mission management and run a programme of ongoing, regular and ad hoc risk monitoring and internal controls.
- Prepare and obtain approval of a risk register as a tool to identify risks and document actions to manage each risk. BINUH’s risk register will be an integral part of the Mission's management in terms of its strategic planning and operational processes, covering all aspects of Mission activities, and will be reviewed fully on a yearly basis.
- Prepare a Risk Treatment Plan assessing the residual risk for identified risks, outlining the main internal controls already in place, and laying out additional control and treatment strategies to further mitigate risks.
- Assess organizational resilience efforts against compliance with the ERM framework and Organizational Resilience Management System (ORMS) guidelines. The Mission ERM will be the Risk Mitigation “Umbrella” that addresses preparedness for potential crises linked to Mission strategy, objectives, and performance, as they relate to Haiti. The resilience focus will highlight Crisis Management Team (CMT) protocols; Crisis Management SOP; CMT Assembly Points; CMT Meeting Standard Agenda; CMT Checklist; Communication Protocols; CMT Contact List; and Key Contact Information, as well as the mission Business Continuity Plan.
In particular, the consultant will,
Examine all mandate implementation activities and operations of BINUH and identify risk factors specific to the Mission, building on the Risk Universe for the broader UN Secretariat prepared by the Organization’s Enterprise Risk Management Section at UNHQ.
Generate a plan for mitigating risks for BINUH as well as a strategy to monitor risks and internal controls, while contributing to embedding a risk culture within the Mission’s strategic, operational, and support responsibilities.
Take the lead in preparing tools and strategies to manage and mitigate risks, including the following activities:
a. In coordination with the Chief of Staff and Mission Support colleagues, review relevant documents and develop an Action Plan for the risk management process that outlines key stakeholders and risk owners, methodologies for obtaining relevant information, and a proposed timeline for implementing the ERM process.
b. Work with the Local ERM Committee and risk owners to identify and rank risks in order to prepare a Risk Register, which will be validated by the Committee in an ERM Validation Workshop.
c. Based on the validated Risk Register, assess residual risk for high and very high risks, work with risk owners to prepare risk mitigation strategies, and create a Risk Treatment Plan, utilizing advanced control measures to mitigate risk.
d. Prepare a Risk Monitoring Strategy so that the mission’s Local ERM Committee can effectively monitor risks and internal controls.
e. Work with Chief of Staff and Mission Support colleagues to ensure that the mission’s Organizational Resilience Management System and Business Continuity frameworks are aligned with the analysis of risks in the Risk Register and support appropriate risk mitigation measures.
f. Provide recommendations on embedding a Risk Culture within the mission.

Qualifications/special skills

Skills: The importance of the assignment requires that the expert in this position be at a senior level to ensure that risks assessed through the risk management process, as well as all risk treatment measures, are in line with the Mission’s mandated objectives.
The Consultant will possess the following skills and abilities:
- Excellent communication skills (both oral and written),
- A highly effective problem solver,
- Knowledgeable of BINUH’s mandate and mode of operation, and the goals of the Mission,
- Understanding of UN systems and processes,
- Understanding of risk management and mitigation best practices,
- Experience in challenging field mission environments.
Academic Qualifications: Master’s degree in international development, Economics, or Business Administration.
Experience: Minimum of 20 years of experience in crisis environments, risk assessment, and business development.
Language: Fluency in English is required.

No Fee


Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.
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