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Posting Title: Medical Consultant
Department/Office: International Civil Aviation Organization
Duty Station: MONTREAL
Posting Period: 09 August 2022 - 18 August 2022
Job Opening Number: 22-International Civil Aviation Organization-188306-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.

Work Location


Expected duration

The selected consultant will provide three half days of Medical Clinics up to a limit of a total 109 clinics within a period of eleven (11) months.

Duties and Responsibilities


The Medical Clinic of ICAO provides occupational safety and health care services to all internationally and nationally recruited staff members and Members of Delegations, including staff of other UN entities based in Montreal. The Clinic is under the oversight of the Staff Employment and Administration Section (SEA).

The Medical Consultant will be the interlocutor with the Administration on occupational safety and health services, and will provide services on medical and related matters. The Clinic services include: health advice and health promotion; preventative health care; receiving and administering vaccines, responding to acute or emergency situations, travel health related issues and travel clearances, if required, symptom management.

Function 1 (Incl. Expected Results)
The Medical Consultant is responsible for providing pre-employment clearances, achieving results such as;

• Conducting and/or reviewing medical examinations/reports to establish fitness to work, in accordance with Medical standards adopted by the Medical Services of the United Nations Secretariat;
• Reviewing medical reports on pre-employment or separation entitlements, or periodic examinations of field staff conducted by other doctors, formulation of recommendation;
• Ensuring that all pre-employment clearances are completed within a timely period upon receipt of all required documents, and recommendations submitted to SEA, thereafter on fitness to work;
• Assessing and classifying of pre-employment medical reports of candidates appointed to work at the ICAO Regional Offices, even though the actual medical form/report and examination have been conducted by a physician at the place of residence or duty station.

Function 2 (Incl. Expected Results)
The Medical consultant must be available for consultations with the Staff Employment and Administration Section and/or the personal physicians of staff members, in connection with matters such as:

a) Extended or repetitive sick leave absences
b) Unsatisfactory performance of a staff member attributable to health
c) Cases of termination of staff member’s services on health grounds;
d) Assignments to duty stations presenting special health problems, especially those arising from climatic conditions, and return from duty stations;
e) Emergency medical evacuation travel;
f) Disability cases, and cases of compensation for service incurred injury or illness

• S/he will make himself/herself available to present medical assessment/recommendations on disability cases to the ICAO Staff Pension Committee, for which notice of the meeting in advance.

Function 3 (Incl. Expected Results)
The Medical Consultant is required to respond to emergency situations and administer immunizations to staff, such as:

• Providing emergency medical attention/advise on cases of accidents or sudden illness occurring on the ICAO premises, involving staff members and members of Delegations.
• Providing immunization and information pertaining thereto, to staff members and members of Delegations.

Function 4 (Incl. Expected Results)
The Medical Consultant is required to provide advisory services, such as
• Discussing or providing advice to staff members regarding their general health, as well as answering questions related to hygienic working conditions and facilities and providing quarterly information sessions, if required in cooperation with other medical consultants and/or external entities through periodic presentations or information sessions on general and occupational safety and health related topics;
• Providing advice to members of the ICAO Staff Pension Committee during its meetings, where authoritative medical assessment on cases is required
• Taking the lead in advising and assisting ICAO in preparing and updating ICAO’s Pandemic Plan in the event of a pandemic outbreak.
• Facilitating hospital admission as far as practicable.
• The Medical Consultant should liaise with and act as a focal point for the Canadian and local health authorities and other UN agencies on issues related to pandemic outbreaks and suggest steps for taking remedial actions.

Function 5 (Incl. Expected Results)
The Medical Consultant is also responsible for:
a) the coordination of the physicians and allied health personnel at the expanded medical Clinic;
b) the development of Canadian-guideline on preventative health care assessment for the purposes of annual physical exams, which must be updated regularly as new information is published; and
c) the preparation of reports and recommendations on sick leave utilisation and other medical assessments;

• The Medical Consultant will provide SEA with a schedule of contact times for the purpose of discussing administrative/managerial matters related to the ICAO Medical Centre, in the event that he/she is unable to avail himself/herself on his/her clinic days at the ICAO Medical Centre.
• The Medical Consultant will coordinate his/her leave of absence with SEA in order to ensure the continued function of the Medical Clinic.

Function 6 (Incl. Expected Results)
The Medical Consultant is responsible for:
a) Overseeing the digitisation of medical records;
b) Developing and tracking evidence-based targets for preventative health care for staff and Delegations
c) Evaluating other private and public Medical Clinics to determine how best to improve delivery of care and access to other medical specialists, as well as to give patients options other than the Medical Centre for their health care;
d) Creating a booklet that should be given to newly arrived employees and delegates containing information on the services offered at the Medical Clinics and in the public and private health sectors; and
e) Exploring the establishment of an after-hour and weekend call service to ICAO staff and delegates.

Qualifications/special skills

Academic Qualifications:
A qualified and experienced medical practitioner with a Doctorate (MD) in medicine, who is also a family doctor, licensed to practice in Canada and in particular Quebec.

A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible clinical experience in the areas of medicine.

Additional Information

Please note that the monthly rate for this post is CAD 5,000. A fall short in the number of clinics could cause an adjustment in the remuneration.

No Fee


Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.
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