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Intitulé publication: Programme Assistant
Département / Bureau: Programme des Nations Unies pour les établissements humains
Lieu d'affectation: BOGOTA
Période de candidature: 20 septembre 2022 - 27 septembre 2022
No de l’appel á candidature: 22-United Nations Human Settlements Programme-191386-Individual Contractor
Staffing Exercise N/A
Valeurs fondamentales de l'ONU: intégrité, professionnalisme, respect de la diversité
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Result of Service

The consultancy consists of the following outputs being these non-limitative:
• Monthly activity reports
This deliverable must be presented in PDF and Word format, up to 5 pages.
The consultant will work under the supervision of UN Habitat Head of Office and the Finance and Administrative Specialist.

Work Location

Bogotá, Colombia

Duties and Responsibilities

a.) Information and validation:

• The consultant will be responsible for keeping HUB Coordinator informed and having to obtain validation of his/her activities in the full project cycle.

b.) Development:

• Inputs for the elaboration of technical and economic proposals, as well as implementation plans and budgets.
• Assist in the development of presentation materials.
• Help with the drafting of documents, perform data analysis, and synthesize information for high-level management.
• Help with the drafting of formal communications and support all communications.
• Participate in the meetings with UN-Habitat technical team and counterparties.
• Maintain the communication channels necessary for the proper development of the projects.
• Provide technical support to the Coordination of the HUB and to Coordinators of the different projects.
• Provide inputs for the systematization of the processes carried out and exchange of practices and successful experiences with other HUBs in the region, with headquarters branches, counterpar-ties and who appoints the UN-Habitat HUB Coordinator for Andean countries.
• Support in the request and documentation of administrative services for the execution of specific administrative transactions, including travel.
• Support the Project Coordination in the elaboration, and coordination, confirmation of mission agendas of the technical team and their accompaniment, as appropriate.
• Carrying out technical and administrative activities supporting the Programme Analyst and the Programme Specialist to ensure that projects meet the objectives in terms of deadlines, budget, and quality.
• Provide inputs for monitoring the technical and operational activities of the project.
• Provide inputs for the drafting of project completion and closing documents.
• Support the knowledge management of the Projects.
• Support the systematization of good project practices to ensure proper knowledge management.
• The consultant will be responsible for generating necessary technical inputs in the framework of his/her responsibilities.

c.) Approval:

• The consultant will be responsible for supporting compliance with project-related processes, as well as observing monitoring relevant to project implementation and closure.
• Support the Programme Analyst and The Programme Specialist in the elaboration of inputs related to the implementation and closure of the projects.

d.) Implementation:

• Attend the technical (virtual) meetings needed to meet the scopes and objectives defined for the consultancy.
• Participate when requested in United Nations System interagency groups, project meetings, official missions and/or project-related events.
• Provide information to UN-Habitat regarding affectations that the process of implementing the consultancy may have.
• Provide inputs for the identification and mitigation of project risks, including relevant challenges or omissions and other situations that may affect project development and implementa-tion.
• Follow up on technical guidelines determined by the Project Coordinators and Coordinator HUB Andean Countries.
• Comply with the schedule of activities according to the guidelines of the HUB Coordinator.
• Ensure that technical activities are aligned with the quality expectations of the Agency and counterparty.
• The consultant will be responsible for preparing inputs for progress reports and reports, as necessary and requested for the proper verification of its activities and project management.
• Prepare inputs for the systematization and exchange of successful practices and experiences with other HUBs in the region and with the branches of the headquarters.

e.) Knowledge Management:

• The consultant must know the processes, procedures, and standards of the organization, to ensure an adequate quality of the activities described above according to the standards of the organization.
• Propose formats and procedures that allow the efficient implementation of the Agency's projects.
¿ The consultant must know the file system of the projects and ensure their proper maintenance, accessibility for all officials and the proper updating.
¿ Design methodologies for the systematization of good practices and knowledge, related to the implementation of the projects and cooperation activities of the UN-Habitat Colombia Office.
¿ Support the formulation of substantive documents linked to the thematic lines of action of UN-Habitat Colombia.
¿ Prepare reports and other documents related to meetings, missions and activities developed by the NATIONAL UN-Habitat Office.
¿ The consultant will carry out research activities to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and best practices on the sustainable urban development issues set out in the Agency's mandate.
¿ Collect information on the urban status in the Andean Countries that serves as an input both for the identification of new project opportunities and for the implementation of the subscribed projects.
¿ Support monitoring of UN-Habitat's implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDP) Target 11 dealing with sustainable cities and communities.
¿ Identify strategic allies for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda in Andean countries.
¿ Manage knowledge networks for the dissemination of the methodologies and documents generated by the agency and for the construction with strategic allies of new knowledge on topics related to sustainable urban development.

f.) Others:

• Other activities requested and by mutual agreement with the HUB Coordinator of The Andean Countries of UN-Habitat, within the framework of this consultancy and without prejudice to the achievement of its responsibilities.
• The consultant will participate in work and follow-up meetings, both with other consultants, as well as with the Coordinator and team of the Andean Countries HUB of UN-Habitat and with the staff of the projects.
• The consultant shall be responsible for ensuring that all activities comply with the principles of United Nations integrity.

Qualifications/special skills

Minimum two (2) years of experience in areas related to project management and/or urban planning or design issues, urban management, architecture or related. Previous experience with the United Nations is an added advantage.


The language of the consultancy is Spanish and English, other official languages of the United Na-tions will be considered an added advantage

Additional Information

A High School Diploma is required. Additional two years of experience relevant to the position in areas related to Architecture, Urbanism, Social Sciences, International Cooperation or related would be accepted in lieu of the diploma.

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Désolé, cet appel à candidature n'est plus disponible.
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