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Posting Title: Knowledge Management Systems Expert
Department/Office: United Nations Environment Programme
Duty Station: GENEVA
Posting Period: 01 March 2023 - 13 April 2023
Job Opening Number: 23-United Nations Environment Programme-203074-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.

Result of Service

The GGKP is strengthened with an up to date and improved knowledge management system that collates and analyses larger numbers of knowledge products more efficiently and provides a more streamlined process for end-users to find targeted knowledge products relevant to their specific needs.

Work Location


Expected duration

65 working days over 7 months

Duties and Responsibilities

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the United Nations system’s designated entity for addressing environmental issues at the global and regional level. Its mandate is to coordinate the development of environmental policy consensus by keeping the global environment under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action.

The Green Growth Knowledge Partnership (GGKP) is co-hosted by UNEP in partnership with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). These organizations serve as the joint host of the GGKP Secretariat ( on behalf of the GGKP Steering Committee (UNEP, GGGI, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and the World Bank). The GGKP is a global network of over 90 international organisations, research institutes and non-governmental organisations focused on promoting a green economy transition by:

¿ using world-class knowledge management and communication tools to provide practitioners, policymakers, and other experts with opportunities to access, share, and utilize green growth policy analysis, guidance, information, and data ; and

¿ identifying major knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice and addressing these gaps by promoting collaboration and coordinated research

The GGKP provides its best practice knowledge management services through its three core platforms, the Green Policy Platform, the Green Industry Platform, and the Green Finance Platform. In addition, the GGKP provides targeted knowledge management services for projects under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) initiative: “Implementing Sustainable Low and Non-Chemical Development in Small Island Developing States” (ISLANDS) and “Global Development, Review and Update of National Implementation Plans” (NIPs).

Using the GEF projects as a baseline, a consultant is sought to support the GGKP to update its knowledge management processes and systems in line with the continuously increasing size of its knowledge database and also to provide an improved user experience.

The following interlinked tasks are expected for the duration of the consultancy:

• Analysis the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP target audiences by their different types and focus areas on the basis of targeted surveys and research to provide detailed profiles and associated knowledge needs.
• Review the existing GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP knowledge management system to generate an updated list of knowledge taxonomies and associated descriptions that are in line with the current and anticipated work on the green transition by the main actors in this field.
• Develop recommendations for processes that will improve both internal analysis of knowledge hosted by GEF ISLANDS and the underlying GGKP databases and the automatic analysis of publicly accessed knowledge through google analytics.
• Develop processes to improve the accuracy of applying the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP knowledge taxonomies to specific knowledge products (e.g. through automated cross checks when multiple taxonomies are selected) and which can be easily incorporated into the existing web platforms.
• Review existing knowledge products hosted by the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP databases to develop detailed guidance that will assist non-experts more easily, quickly and accurately develop knowledge product syntheses.
• Research best practice online knowledge platforms and analysis typical end-user requirements to develop clear guidelines on improving the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP frontend search functions and country pages.
• Review GEF ISLANDS knowledge products on the basis of the updated knowledge management system to develop an easy-to-read summary of the collated knowledge that highlights key knowledge gaps and opportunities to adapt existing knowledge product for different target audiences by, for example, country focus, sector, knowledge product type, etc.
• Develop guidelines that clearly outline easy-to-follow processes for developing summaries of collated knowledge in line with the example of the GEF ISLANDS knowledge products’ summary.

Qualifications/special skills

Education: Advanced (Master’s) degree or equivalent in Sustainable Development, Data Science, Business, economics or closely related area. Two years of relevant work experience in addition to the minimum experience requirement along with a bachelor’s degree may be accepted in lieu of an advanced degree.

Experience: A minimum of 6 years of accumulated work experience with a focus on knowledge management and analysis, and related knowledge management systems. This should include experience with sustainable development related knowledge.

Technical Skills:

• Demonstrated ability to analyze gaps in available knowledge and propose and implement knowledge management frameworks.
• Proven track record delivering and improving knowledge management processes, products, and/or tools.
• Experience in developing best practice taxonomies to support a variety of systems both for front-end and back-end use (e.g., information retrieval, knowledge discovery, content navigation, auto-categorization, statistical database, etc.).
• Good understanding of the relationship between taxonomies and ontologies, and how they can be integrated and improved.
• Familiarity with best-in-class semantic technologies, including taxonomy or ontology management tools, and how they are used to maintain semantic models.
• Experience with google analytics would be an advantage.


English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For the post advertised, fluency in oral and written English is required.

Additional Information

The consultant will be expected to work a total of 65 working days over the duration of this consultancy.

At the end of the 65 working days, the following outputs, developed in close collaboration with the GGKP team, are expected:
1. Output 1: A document providing an overview of the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP target audiences, broken up by type and typical knowledge needs.
2. Output 2: A document outlining in detail new and updated knowledge taxonomies to improve the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP existing knowledge taxonomy and analytics systems and processes, and providing clear explanatory guidance for all of the knowledge taxonomies.
3. Output 3: A document providing clear guidance for non-experts on how to review knowledge products effectively and efficiently according to set criteria in line with the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP knowledge taxonomies and develop detailed syntheses in line with the GEF ISLANDS requirements.
4. Output 4: A document outlining detailed recommendations to improve the GEF ISLANDS and underlying GGKP public interface for searching knowledge products and country pages based on best practices, GEF ISLANDS requirements and target audience analyses.
5. Output 5: A document summarizing the results of a high-level review of GEF ISLANDS knowledge products that, using the new taxonomies as basis, outlines both key knowledge gaps and opportunities to adapt existing knowledge products. This document should also include guidelines on how to carry out similar exercises for other types of GGKP hosted knowledge products.

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Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.
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