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Posting Title: FMS Fire Alarm and building Automation control system assitant G4
Department/Office: Economic Commission for Africa
Duty Station: ADDIS ABABA
Posting Period: 11 April 2023 - 17 April 2023
Job Opening Number: 23-Economic Commission for Africa-205675-Individual Contractor
Staffing Exercise N/A
United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity
Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.

Result of Service

To keep the fire alarms and building automation system of the compound to the standard and well functional.

Work Location

Addis Ababa

Expected duration

9 months

Duties and Responsibilities


The IC is required to assist in the operation, maintenance and installation of fire alarm systems, building automation systems, in bench electronics repair and maintenance programming, electrical power and control systems, and other relevant electromechanical tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

The post is located in the Facilities Management Section, at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).Under the direct supervision of Senior Engineering Assistant and under the overall direction of Operations manager in FMS, the Assistant Fire Alarm & Building Automation Control System Technician will be responsible for the following functions but not limited to:

1. Operation, maintenance and installation of fire alarm and building automation control system

Perform regular operations, planned preventive maintenance (PPM) and corrective maintenance works of the following items; adherent to the standard of the trade,

1.1. Estate management controllers (EMCs) of the Building Automation Control system (BACs) as per the ‘to do’ list and PPM schedule based on manufacturers recommendation and IEE standard.

1.2 Sensors, Field devices, Dampers, Exhaust fans and actuators installed on Air
Handling units of the HVAC, Chillers, Boilers, Water & Fuel pumps as per the ‘to do’ list and PPM schedule based on manufacturers recommendation and IEE standard.

1.2. Control switch relays and contactors for Lighting and electrical main switch gears as per the ‘to do’ list and PPM schedule based on manufacturers recommendation and IEE standard.

1.3. All fire alarm system components (Manual pull switches, smoke and heat
detectors, Annunciators, strobe sounders, zone monitors, Flow switches, etc) as
per the ‘to do’ list and PPM schedule based on manufacturers recommendation
and IEE standard.

1.4 Fire alarm system Main panels (Routine daily inspection on the main panel
control display for status of field devices, detectors and manual switches) and
support the fire cell of the security section for triggering of evacuation during
Periodic fire Drill exercise

2. Monitoring the operations of the BACS from the central supervisory computer for HVAC and lighting integrated to it

2.1. Provide efficient support to the conference coordination section (CCS) of the
UNECA based on event forecast forwarded from CCS by remotely switching on/off
and monitoring the lighting and HVAC status both on regular and off working hours
as deemed necessary.

2.2. Replace the BACs and fire alarm system technicians in their absence to perform
Operational and routine maintenance works as per the maintenance schedule.

2.3. Supplying information on the location of fire alarm initiators to the security fire cell officers and concerned maintenance personnel. Acknowledging, silencing and resetting fire alarms on Fire Alarm panels. Assisting security officers in understanding the fire alarm system;

2.4. Reset duct mounted fire dampers which close in the event of a fire alarm break out;

2.5. Perform other related technical duties when requested by the superiors in the Facility
Management Section ( FMS) of the UNECA .

3. Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Works

3.1. Assistance in the Supervision of day to day operation and maintenance activities of the electrical works of electromechanical contractor at UNECA premises.

3.2. Assistance and Supervision and hands on participation of all day today activities of electrical works of contractors on the basis of daily operation and maintenance schedule and update the maintenance manual, to do list and history card of the electrical systems.

3.3. Hands-on participation and supervision over contractor’s personnel whenever important intervention is required regarding major equipment maintenance and installation works like backup Generators, UPS units etc to ensure appropriate completion and compliance with applicable standards.

3.4.Carry out planned preventive maintenance of electrical equipment’s, backup generators, UPS units, security systems, battery charging units, building automation system, fire alarm system kitchen and medical equipment’s as well as testing equipment’s as appropriate.

3.5. Maintain good working relation with utility power authority in order to achieve uninterrupted and steady power supply, as well as review and settlement of electric bills.

3.6. Perform independent installation, maintenance and operation activities of generators, UPS, electronic boards, panel boards effectively with minimum supervision as per stringent standard of the trade with due diligence and safety.

3.7. Using proper tools, equipment’s and driving official vehicle capable of performing any BCP related emergency works on regular bases and off duty hours when ever deemed instructed by the supervisor

Qualifications/special skills

Highschool completion is required.
Experience in building automation and fire alarm system is required


Fluency in spoken, listening, writing and reading English is required

No Fee


Sorry, this job opening is no longer available.
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