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Intitulé publication: WEBSITE ASSISTANT, G6 (Temporary Job Opening)
Intitulé code d’emploi: RADIO PRODUCTION ASSISTANT
Département / Bureau: Department of Public Information
Lieu d'affectation: NEW YORK
Période de candidature: 13 février 2018 - 20 février 2018
No de l’appel á candidature: 18-Public Information-DPI-92801-J-New York (R)
Staffing Exercise N/A
Valeurs fondamentales de l'ONU: intégrité, professionnalisme, respect de la diversité
Désolé, cet appel à candidature n'est plus disponible.
Cadre organisationnel

This position is located in the French Language Unit in the Web Services Section, News and Media Division of the Department of Public Information. The incumbent reports directly to the Chief of the French Language Unit. The Web Services Section (WSS) oversees the design, development and presentation of the top layers of the UN website in all six official languages, including the homepage, the five thematic portals (Peace and Security, Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, and International Law), as well as comprehensive background information about the UN such as global issues, and events, including international observances. The Section also provides guidance and assistance to Secretariat offices in creating and enhancing their websites in all official languages. WSS promotes best practices for web development and other Internet-related activities, including multilingualism, usability and accessibility for the disabled. WSS also maintains social media accounts for the United Nations in five official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish).


Under the direct supervision of the Chief of Web Services Language Unit, the incumbent is responsible for the following duties:

- Actively participate in the development of the UN Home Page in collaboration with other Website Section staff in a language- and deadline-oriented environment, as well as prepare new material for inclusion in appropriate web pages; conceptualize and create dynamic web pages- draft, edit, design and update web pages as needed and provide specialized editorial, design and programming assistance in the oversight and maintenance of the materials posted in one or more of the UN official languages; and undertake search functions to compile relevant information pertinent to the site, as required, by: a) researching for original and/or new UN documents or information material for the particular language site; b) cross-checking with author Offices for authoritativeness of material; c) identifying pertinent documentation from the Official Document System in the required language; overseeing the linking of documents; determining appropriate categorization and adding appropriate language title information; d) editing externally translated material as needed, to conform to format and structure consistent with the style developed for the UN website, and preparing and incorporating graphics as required, using appropriate web authoring tools, and creating necessary Javascript, ASP scripts, and/or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), in keeping with the Technical Guidelines; e) providing short informal translations, as necessary; f) preparing and updating index of documents, as well as posting documents by accessing the UN web and/or development servers and ensuring the documents are posted in appropriate directories; g) ensuring correctness of entries and making corrections; editing as needed; and updating information, such as official names of countries, membership of UN bodies, etc.; h) checking and testing to ensure multiple browser support; i) resolving day-to-day questions in relation to the production process for web pages.; j) developing tailored templates for content management systems and creating workflow structures to ensure data integrity and site efficacy; k) providing first line user level support for home page CMS; l) coordinating updates to UN home page, including multimedia.

- Take the lead in preparing new websites by: a) styling content and adding functionality to websites, as the English site is populated first and is then localized into the other languages; b) preparing videos for embedding on the website and creating closed captions from the script; c) maintaining and developing the Member States database; d) helping to gather and analyze user requirements for new projects.

- Monitor the work of other general service staff, consultants, interns and volunteers assigned to the website by: a) supervising other language assistants and volunteers and/or interns and provide training to them, when required; b) checking the redesign of web pages to incorporate user-friendly changes; c) checking hyperlinks to the site.

- Develop and maintain working relationships with DPI and Secretariat staff who produce original content for the UN site and work with them, as well as assist the Website Editors/Language Coordinators in providing training on the web to UN Missions, journalists and others, by: a) providing support services in preparation of material for posting, such as conversion to HTML, ASP; b) providing briefings, demonstrations, as needed; representing the Section; c) providing training on the web to UN Missions, journalists and others.

- Analyse weekly statistics on web page usage in order to assess usefulness and relevance of material posted, prepare charts and graphs and track and maintain weekly tally of page views, user tracking, feedback.

- Handle urgent functions and tasks during the absence of the Website Editor/Language Coordinator. Perform weekend and holiday standby duties as required. Attend training courses to keep abreast of Internet technology.


Professionalism: Knowledge of processes and procedures related to the communication, production and dissemination of public information. Ability to research and gather information from a variety of sources. Knowledge on how to Identify and prepares new material for inclusion on appropriate social media accounts and other online outlets as well as updating, drafting and editing content on social media accounts and other online official outlets. Shows willingness to learn new technology; Is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results; Ability to work accurately and under pressure in a small team. Takes responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work; Shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges; Remains calm in stressful situations.

Communication: Speaks and writes clearly and effectively; Listens to others, correctly interprets messages from others and responds appropriately; Asks questions to clarify, and exhibits interest in having two-way communication; Tailors language, tone, style and format to match the audience; Demonstrates openness in sharing information and keeping people informed.

Technological Awareness: Keeps abreast of available technology; Understands applicability and limitations of technology to the work of the office; Actively seeks to apply technology to appropriate tasks; shows willingness to learn new technology.


High school diploma or equivalent.

Expérience professionnelle

A minimum of seven (7) years of relevant experience in public communications, production and dissemination of information communication products and services on any social media platform or related area is required. Experience in management of the film/video archives, and the proper safekeeping/preservation of historical audio/visual materials is desirable. Experience planning and execution of live content or recording of content is desirable.

Connaissances linguistiques

English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For the post advertised, fluency in English and Portuguese is required. Knowledge of another UN official language is an advantage.

Méthode d'évaluation

Evaluation of qualified candidates may include an assessment exercise which may be followed by competency-based interview.

Notice spéciale

- Staff members are subject to the authority of the Secretary-General and to assignment by him or her. In this context, all staff are expected to move periodically to new functions in their careers in accordance with established rules and procedures.

- This position is subject to local recruitment pursuant to staff rule 4.4 of the United Nations Staff Rules. All staff in the General Service and related categories shall be recruited in the country or within commuting distance of each office, irrespective of their nationality and of the length of time they may have been in the country. A staff member subject to local recruitment shall not be eligible for the allowances or benefits exclusively applicable to international recruitment.

- Passing the Global General Service Test (GGST) is a prerequisite for recruitment consideration in the General Services and related categories in the United Nations Secretariat. Applicants who have not passed the GGST at the time of application may be invited for the test after submitting an application. Having passed the Administrative Support Assessment Test in English at the United Nations Headquarters, Economic Commission for Africa, Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, United Nations Office at Geneva, United Nations Office at Vienna, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda or International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; or the United Nations Accounting or Statistical Assistant Examination at the United Nations Headquarters may be accepted in lieu of the GGST.

Charte des Nations Unies

En vertu du paragraphe 3 de l'Article 101 de la Charte des Nations Unies, la considération dominante dans le recrutement du personnel doit être la nécessité d'assurer à l'Organisation les services de personnes possédant les plus hautes qualités de travail, de compétence et d'intégrité, notamment mais non exclusivement s’agissant du respect du droit international des droits de l’homme et du droit international humanitaire. Les candidats pourront faire l’objet d’une présélection sur la base de ces critères, notamment mais non exclusivement dans le but de vérifier s’ils ont commis ou sont soupçonnés d’avoir commis des infractions pénales ou des violations du droit international des droits de l’homme ou du droit international humanitaire.

Sera dûment prise en considération l'importance d'un recrutement effectué sur une base géographique aussi large que possible. Aucune restriction ne sera imposée par l'Organisation à l'accès des hommes et des femmes, dans des conditions égales, à toutes les fonctions, dans ses organes principaux et subsidiaires. Le Secrétariat de l'Organisation des Nations Unies est un espace non-fumeurs.

Les candidats sont invités à respecter scrupuleusement toutes les instructions disponibles sur la plateforme de recrutement en ligne Inspira. Pour des informations plus détaillées, ils peuvent consulter le Guide rapide « Procédure de dépôt de candidature » et le manuel d'instructions pour le candidat (en anglais seulement), en cliquant sur le lien hypertexte « Manuels » sur le côté supérieur droit de la page d'accueil de leur compte Inspira.

Les candidatures feront l'objet d'une évaluation et d'un examen préalables sur la base des informations soumises conformément aux critères d'évaluation de l'avis de vacance de poste et aux dispositions législatives internes applicables de l'Organisation des Nations Unies, notamment la Charte des Nations Unies, les résolutions de l'Assemblée générale, le Statut et le Règlement du personnel, les textes administratives et les directives. Les candidats doivent fournir des informations exhaustives et précises relatives à leur qualification, notamment mais non exclusivement, à leur formation, leur expérience professionnelle et leurs compétences linguistiques, conformément aux instructions fournies sur la plateforme Inspira. Les candidats seront exclus de la procédure d'examen s'il n'est pas démontré dans leur candidature qu'ils répondent à tous les critères d'évaluation de l'avis de vacance de poste et aux dispositions législatives internes applicables de l'Organisation. Ils sont tenus de fournir des informations complètes et précises. Une fois la candidature envoyée, aucune modification, suppression ou révision, ni aucun ajout ou changement ne pourra être fait. Il sera procédé à une vérification des références des candidats faisant l'objet d'une attention particulière pour s'assurer de l'exactitude des renseignements qu’ils ont fournis dans leur candidature.

Les avis de vacance de postes publiés sur le Portail des carrières sont retirés à minuit (heure de New York), le jour de la date limite de dépôt des candidatures.

Aucun frais de dossier


Désolé, cet appel à candidature n'est plus disponible.
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